So it’s not all about the wimmins then?

The selection of Donald Trump’s daughter and top adviser exposes the vast electronics expo to charges that when, finally, it invites a female keynote speaker, it invites one with limited experience in technology.

“This is a terrible choice on so many levels but also – what an insult to the YEARS AND YEARS of protesting how few women were invited to keynote & being told it was a pipeline problem while similarly-situated men were elevated,” tech commentator Rachel Sklar tweeted. “There are so many great, qualified women. Shame.”

I think we can guess which gig Rachel Sklar has her eye upon.

But here’s the fun thing. IOt used to be that there weren’t enough people with ovaries doing this sort of thing. Now there is. So, the protest changes to it should be people who actually know something. But that’s what the system used to be, isn’t it? Peeps who knew something was exactly why the ovaries weren’t up there on stage?

16 thoughts on “So it’s not all about the wimmins then?”

  1. So being a failed lawyer, freelance writer, ex contributor to Huffpo and CNN and a co-author of a gender/racial politics book qualifies you as an authority on technology? Who knew?

  2. Looks like they’ve killed about five birds with the keynote stone.

    i) Ingratiate with the top guy.
    ii)) Eye pleasantness for the conferencees= sell more tickets
    iii) Ovary:Testes ratio evened
    iv) Someone well known=Publicity= sell more tickets
    v) Controversy- publicity multiplier= sell more tickets

  3. If you don’t like the managers of your trade show you can go and run another one.

    Yes, I have done just that, and it worked.

    Oh, but entryism doesn’t work that way?

  4. Kevin,

    I think it is also fair to question the authority with which Ivanka Trump speaks on technology.

    Chin may also want to comment on how women do (according to her) more than 50% of spending if they earn 22% less than men. Joined-up thinking from the left strikes again.

  5. They’d still hate Ivanka even if she personally invented the flux capacitor. Her being rich, blonde and pretty just adds insult to the injury of her dad being president.

    an enduring gender bias in the tech, electronics, and mobile industries – a bias that endures despite women controlling $29tn of spending worldwide, Chin said.

    “Women purchase over 50% of traditional male products, including automobiles, home improvement products, and consumer electronics. Of all consumer electronics, over 61% of sales are initiated by women including the rise of mobile, AI and machine learning products,”

    Men purchase 99.9% of porn, blowjobs and lapdances, but for some reason fat middle aged guys with moustaches are still underrepresented in the tart business.

    Children initiate 99% of toy purchases, but make up only 30% of the factory workforce in Vietnam.

    Eleventy-16¾% of statistics quoted in The Guardian are irrelevant bullshit.

  6. Its the wrong sort of woman, naturally. If it was one of those new-fangled ‘women with penises’ that we’re all hearing about so much these days then it would be a ‘bold, brave, and inspiring!’ choice, regardless of whether it had ever so much as plugged in a toaster.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    If you don’t like the managers of your trade show you can go and run another one.

    Yes, I have done just that, and it worked.

    Oh, but entryism doesn’t work that way?

    Early last year one of the usual suspects was bleating in the Guardian and on Twitter that they don’t make work wear for women. To which Christine Sommers responded along the lines of – if you think there’s a gap in the market, start a business, that’s what a man would do.

  8. What Hallowed Be said.

    No-one goes to these conferences to hear someone who actually knows their shit about tech talking. You want to read what the smart gals in software development and security know, read their blogs and books.

    Conferences are just a corporate jolly. Three days out of the office, couple of days in Vegas with strippers and roulette and you get to brag you saw someone speak. There was a Pluralsight conference where Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker, a woman whose main qualification is being a former president’s wife. She knows no more about tech than Trump. But having powerful people speaking makes it easier to get the boss to sign off on a ticket.

  9. Since when are cars “Traditional male products”? Are we living in the 1950s?

    Women drive half the cars, so they’ll buy half. I don’t decide what type of car my wife buys, because I don’t drive it. Their determination to see the patriarchy as some Star Wars like powerful force running everyday life is peculiar.

    Now, if we were talking women buying half the motorbikes my attention would be piqued.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset


    Car buying is probably skewed more towards women. As you say, if it come to buying their own, they get full say, but if its a one car family then its more likely the woman will have a bigger say in the choice.

  11. From the people who brought you Chelsea Clinton and Greta Thunberg. Their hypocrisy is spectacular, world-encompassing.

  12. So that’s why car salesman are so stupid! They have to deal with women all the time.

    I’d ask my car salesman if dealing with men is different than dealing with women . . . but I already know the answer.

  13. When they say they want a female, what they actually mean is a Lefty female.

    It is self evident that the Left believes females must be Lefties, that they can’t not be Lefties.

    Same with blacks in the U.S.

    When they say they want a female, the ‘Lefty’ is silent.

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