So just what are you recommending then?

An ideological commitment to free markets – advocated by those at Davos every year for the summit’s 50-year history – has been a consistent block to progress on the climate crisis.

In the absence of free markets who will be the Gauleiter to tell us what we may do?

10 thoughts on “So just what are you recommending then?”

  1. Maybe the reason free markets don’t care about the ‘climate crisis’ is because they know there isn’t one?

    In the meantime they are exploiting the latest woke fad, veganism, by importing highly processed plant-based meat substitutes at vast expense both in food miles production costs and resource usage

    Don’t you love the free market servicing these virtue signallers?

  2. “plant-based”

    You mean vegetables.

    You can tell when somebody is an arsehole when they start speaking out of it.

  3. bloke in Germany in Lisbon

    Does greta get paid by the fossil fuel lobby to discredit the greenies? Spouting that absolutely nothing has ever been done by anyone about carbon emissions?

  4. We should be ruled by Greta and Charles.

    ‘An ideological commitment to climate crisis has been a consistent block to progress on free markets.’


    ‘It’s time to turn away from the World Economic Forum and its mass-polluting ‘affiliates’. We need new, radical solutions’

    Same old radical solutions is what he wants.

    ‘We can’t trust the billionaires of Davos to solve a climate crisis they created’

    Anyone with have a brain knows that it is the prosperous countries that address pollution and protect the environment. Ipso facto, this is just another cheapass attack on the wealthy because they are wealthy.

    ‘Payal Parekh is an international climate activist ‘

    International? Different from your local stupid climate (sic) activist?

    He is middle of the pack in the endless parade of Comintern minions. Which is quite fine by the Guardian.

    ‘As the climate crisis escalates…the Guardian will not stay quiet.’

    As the Guardian tries to escalate the ‘climate crisis’ by publishing clownish articles.

  5. Dennis, Climate-Change Denying Fruitcake

    I wonder who pays the wages of an “international climate activist”.

    I’m guessing it isn’t a bunch of “democratic socialists”.

  6. Climate change must be solved as I see the biggest kerfuffle from Davos is that some Ugandian climate activist got edited out of a Greta photo op. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the left about the racist media.

  7. @Baron Jackfield January 25, 2020 at 11:05 am


    “Climate Crisis” was invented as ‘we, the people’ said “Pfff, don’t care” about Global Warming, then Climate Change.

    It’s another Project Fear and most peeps know that.

    I’d crowdfund a Group Action against Pols, Greens, Media & Education for ’emotional abuse of children’



    @Gamecock January 25, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    Re Greta and Charles

    Nigel Farage compares President Trump and (APolitical) Prince Charles on climate change

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