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The appointment is unpaid, but the Corporate Accountability Network has an agreement with Sheffield at present to supply research support on a project that we hope might lead to suggestion for an accounting standard on reporting productivity. I am being paid on a salaried basis for that work by the CAN.

Do we have any evidence that Ritchie knows anything about productivity? As with profit, it’s a residual so we never can measure it ……

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  1. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    An accounting standard for reporting productivity! What the fuck use is that?

    Don’t you know? Every investor in the world wants to know just how much shit a shit shoveler shovels during a fiscal year. Especially relative to how much other shit shovelers shovel.

    Given that this is coming from CAN, I suspect what he’s going to try to do is come up with “alternative calculations” of profit… so as to be better able to fob off the whole sustainable cost accounting thingy on an unsuspecting public.

  2. ‘hope’ ‘might’ ‘suggestion’.

    So another pointless dead-end waste of money.

    There’s a seemingly inexhaustible supply of other people’s money Spud can tap into to feed his fat face.

    “I am being paid on a salaried basis for that work by the CAN.”

    Where’s CAN getting the money from? They promise on their website to list funding sources. Nothing is listed.

  3. I bet he invents a standard unit of productivity called the Murph, that achieves equivalence between all piece work and hourly rate activities…. Let’s say GDP per labour hour as the OECD already uses. Next problem solved by the sole unaided efforts of mighty Captain Potato

  4. “Productivity” to accountants is “value-added per hour worked” which is heavily distorted by subjective choices in the internal pricing model and by the company’s pricing policy. Firm A which sells widgets at £10 plus materials and energy costs will report much higher “productivity” than firm B which sells them at £6 plus materials and energy costs although the workers in firm B produce 25% more widgets per hour per person.

    So a complete waste of time and money

  5. Dennis, CPA to the Gods

    “Productivity” to accountants is “value-added per hour worked” which is heavily distorted by subjective choices in the internal pricing model and by the company’s pricing policy.

    Yep… Which is why it appears that RM’s little project is intended to prop up the notion that sustainable cost accounting will work.

  6. @ Dennis
    And I thought it was just a wheeze to get someone to pay him for something that wasn’t worth the paper on which it would be printed-out…

  7. No doubt he’ll reinvent a load of stuff from standard management accounting and claim it’s all new.
    For someone that claims to be a specialist in an area of accounting he seems oblivious to the idea that other areas of accounting maybe specialists at what they do.

  8. @John77

    +1 re productivity

    Also a spanner-twiddler (if there still are any such) at a BMW plant will be more ‘productive’ than one at a Nissan plant, even if they twiddle at the same speed :), because the end product is twice as ‘valuable’.

  9. Chris and John it depends on what you mean by productivity. It’s like the Ann Pettifors in economics trying to convince us that the productivity of housewives and other unpaid labour should be included in GDP, as if it might make the figures more useful. But to my mind someone building a more valuable machine is more valuable than say a garbage truck driver

  10. Maybe he secretly wishes he was a Cost and Management Accoutant, rather than a Chartered? I’m sure he loves a good time and motion study.

  11. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    And I thought it was just a wheeze to get someone to pay him for something that wasn’t worth the paper on which it would be printed-out…

    Oh, it was. But like all professional moochers (and that is exactly what he is), he’s busy setting up his next mooch. In this case it will be sustainable cost accounting.

  12. @Dennis, agreed, sustainable cost accounting looks like Ritchie giving a left-wing government a justification to nationalise anything they want for zero compensation on environmental grounds.

    @Andrew C, he said in comments on his blog that the CAN has £15k from a fake charity and £5.9k from Sheffield University. Not enough to keep him in the lifestyle he is accustomed to hence he is talking about applying for donations.

  13. @ISI3’s
    They dropped the Cost part ages ago, just Chartered Institute of Management Accountants now.
    Personally I always liked Cost and Works Accountant, but modernisation don’t you know.
    Spud once pointed out to me that the Chartered qualification includes a section on management accounting so that makes him an expert and as knowledgeable as a CMA.
    Maybe given his concern over profit and residuals he will reinvent contribution.

  14. BiGinNJ, if the unpaid position is filled by no-longer-a-Professor Potato you can be sure that the value of the output will be the square root of fuck all.

  15. Off topic because I’m not subscribed to the Washington Examiner. The reason why not only greedy fat capitalist pigs should celebrate when the stock market booms, is that ordinary shitkickers like me, and perhaps some of thee, have our life savings and retirement earnings invested largely in said market. We might even be able to afford to spread jam on our toast.

  16. Interesting that the Joffe Trust gave £10k to the Fair Tax Mark in 2018 but nothing in 2019.

    Also interesting that the Joffe Trust does not fund individuals (hence, no doubt, why Spud set CAN up as a company as many charities have similar rules).

    It will be interesting to see how much of the £15k donated by The Joffe Trust to CAN ends up getting paid by CAN to Spud as salary.

    One to keep an eye on.

  17. It may be of interest to look at the board of CAN. Chaired by Captain Potato. John Christensen the global tax bore is there. As is a professor Adam Leaver. There is a measure of scholarly productivity called the Hirsch Index and he has an index of 26, which seems quite good. However, since 2015 it has come down to 20. So it’s jobs for the boys and old mates in decline. Interestingly all of Leaver’s papers and books are with the same co-authors and he doesn’t seem to have published anything in the last 5 years

  18. For all my prejudices, I am not much of an accountantismist*. But I am a clarityofproseist. and I’ve read the quote four or five times and, all the while, I’m neither wiser nor better informed.

    However. Heroically, I have turned my mind to the quotes slopes and gradients, and I compute and parse the following:

    “I receive a salary from the CAN, for reasons I choose not to/cannot define. In so doing, I shall participate in work, if such it can be called, supplying research support, whatever that may mean to a man of 60, on the subject of an accounting standard for productivity.

    “You’re welcome”.

    Or, we could just look at the first four words of the quote, and the first four words of the last sentence, and marvel that one brain can mill those two phrases without recourse to whisky and a revolver.

    I cannot stand bad prose. It is almost always dishonest.

    * Sterling work done by all who can stay awake, I congratulate you.

  19. Mr Lud, you seem unaware of the capacity of the Potato to hold conflicting views simultaneously. I think we all took for granted that he would both be paid but would not receive payment for this “work”. He is a quantum reality type of being, asleep and awake and woke at the same time

  20. Diogenes, if you are saying that Tuberous Maximus is a cat, then I do not believe you.

    On the other hand, an intellectual might be said to be a bloke who, simultaneously, can hold diametrically conflicting views, or who can hear the William Tell overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger. Or who can read Bishop Berkeley without laughing, or Schopenhauer without slitting his wrists.

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