Subs! Subs!

Listed UK companies paid out a record £110.5 billion in dividends last year,

Fair enough. The headline needs a little work though:

Shareholders in listed companies enjoy record £110m dividends

6 thoughts on “Subs! Subs!”

  1. Eh? Did the shareholders get all those billions or did the taxman double dip on the dividends? The TW version sounds like net return, which I doubt.

  2. The shareholders received that amount but some might have had to pay income tax thereon, if they did not hold the shares in tax free wrappers, such as ISAs or pension funds, and they exceeded their dividend income allowance

  3. @Diogenes

    Have you forgotten Gordon “Destroyer of Pensions” Brown?

    No tax-free for pensions

    @Ian Bennett

    +1 beat me. £110m? Good grief, it’s not Guardian, it’s The Times

  4. As from 6 April 2016, the 10% dividend tax credit was abolished. So pension funds and private investors are treated equally in that respect

  5. @Diogenes

    The removal of “the 10% dividend tax credit” does not compare with what G Brown did to pensions.

    I remember in pre Brown when it was simple: Individual’s Dividend tax deducted at source, simple brief one page form to claim back if not taxpayer. Capital gains RPI indexed

    Then Brown, Osborne, Hammond – more rules, laws, complexity, “fair share tax” bollocks which means More Tax

    Brown would have taxed smiling if tech to enable existed

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