Such a delightful guiding principle, don’t you think?

Richard Murphy says:
January 24 2020 at 5:36 pm
Stephanie Kelton agrees we need to tax the rich more

It’s not because we need their money

It’s because they don’t need it

16 thoughts on “Such a delightful guiding principle, don’t you think?”

  1. That was the thinking behind the 90% rate back in the 60s. Not to raise revenue, but to hurt rich bastards. Of course, they just left.

  2. Whose definition of “need”?

    There is no “need” for television,abolish it.
    There is no “need” for Eastenders, abolish it.
    There is no “need” for foodball, abolish it.
    There is no “need” for novels, burn them!
    There is no “need” for model railways, prohibit them.

    If humans existed purely on need, we would be no more than animals.

  3. dearieme: On those grounds someone should cut his balls off.

    On those grounds someone should cut his balls head off.

  4. I propose a window tax on a punitive basis, say 5k for each window annually. Excluding three windows for a single bathroom, kitchen and living room, tax householders for each window in their house that exceeds the number of permanent occupants (to cover a bedroom each).

    After all, it is excessive for, say, single men living alone to have more rooms which they don’t need.

  5. I think the argument they make is less that “they don’t need it” and more “we don’t want them to have it”.

  6. @jgh

    Good observation

    Aspiration is a major factor which distinguishes us from all other creatures

    All others exist to eat to live & breed



  7. He is being honest though, for once. Their motivation is confiscation, not helping the poor, whatever they say to the contrary.

  8. Dear Mr Worstall

    I wonder how many rich people Mr Murphy asked before coming to the conclusion that they didn’t need it. Or is ‘need’ something communistic that will be decided by experts like himself.

    “Hm, that’s a nice little pile you have there Mr Rich Bastard. I reckon this is all you need to survive on. Gosh that leaves an awful lot for, er, the government. Less my very reasonable handling charge, of course.” Needs expert staggers off with the loot whistling tunelessly.


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