Tee Hee

The Husband Formerly Known as Prince

A very fine headline.

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  1. I do tend to be baffled by the fascination with the royal family. Of course, my English mother has long followed them keenly despite having lived in the US for over 60 years. My Irish father, on the other hand, thought drowning was too good for them, yet he was a veteran of RAF bombing crews over Germany. But, even my wife, whose roots lie in El Salvador and before that Spain and possibly some local Indian tribes, follows all these English shows such as the Crown or something about Victoria. Jeez it’s tough to tune it out.

    However, I can understand why someone who has flown helicopters in Afghanistan and his American wife might chafe at the notion of the next 60 years being kept in a gilded stable only to be trotted out when a lesser building needs a ribbon cut.

    It sounds as though he is well qualified to become a Canadian bush pilot.

  2. Mrs TG showed me a pic on FB yesterday with the same legend, so it’s probably been coined independently multiple times.

  3. Lovely line but he *still is* known as Prince Harry.
    “Is it always a terrible idea for a British royal to marry an American?”
    Well, perhaps it depends on the American: for the nominal head of the Church of England to marry a twice-divorced American clearly was a terrible idea because, apart from her character flaws, this would have contravened “David”‘s coronation vows (so his coronation was cancelled). For Harry, sixth-in-line and unlikely ever to become nominal head of the CoE (I hope HM bans William from ever taking his whole family in a helicopter again), Megan’s divorce is less of a problem but her sense of entitlement as an American female remains.
    The question will remain unanswered until the USA produces an Olympic equestrian to match Mark Phillips.

  4. The papers have reported that Meghan said plaintively “Nobody asked if I was OK”.

    The females here assure me that everyone always asks about the baby; it’s assumed that Mum will recount how she’s doing only if she wants to.

    Anyway, the babe is seventh in line to the throne; MM is not.

    All in all, they seem to have behaved as Right Royal Wallies. Where’s Wally indeed?

  5. Yes, John. He is formally known as prince.

    [Don’t often get to use formerly and formally in the same post.]

  6. Mr Lud, learn to capsize a dinghy, for your stage 1.

    They have to ask if you are OK, you have to ask if they are OK.

  7. J77: “I hope HM bans William from ever taking his whole family in a helicopter again”

    yeah and planes near the mid east, and maybe freeze some sperm.

  8. Nice to see an old dig recycled. I recall Private Eye once called his mother “the slut formerly known as Princess.” This was before her beatification, of course.

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