Tee Hee

Of course, it’s not really funny that someone’s been scammed. Except, obviously, it is:

Mr Simmonds has launched an urgent investigation into the deal, in which oil explorer Lekoil appears to have been tricked into thinking it had secured cash from the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) for a project in offshore Nigeria.

Lekoil hired the ex-Foreign Office minister as a non-executive director last week and suspended its shares on Monday.

The Aim-listed explorer said it appeared to have struck a deal not with the QIA but with individuals masquerading as its representatives.

The only reason to fake a loan is as part of an advance fee fraud. And that this one is to finance a project in Nigeria is indeed Tee Hee.

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  1. The attempt to link the fraud to the ex-minister is feeble – he joined the board after they’d announced the deal. No wonder people despise the press.

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