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That Californian making working life better regulation

So, they wanted to hit Uber. Gig economy workers need more protection etc.

Anyone who writes more than 35 pieces a year for a newspaper/magazine has to be an employee, not a freelance. I would thus be an employee of the ASI, CapX, Seeking Alpha and the Washington Examiner. At least.

Thus this on a freelance job offer board:

Additional Note – Due to Assembly Bill No. 5, we are no longer accepting writers from California unless they can provide their LLC and business license.

Artic Systems anyone?

5 thoughts on “That Californian making working life better regulation”

  1. Yes, just found and read that myself as also wasn’t familiar. Talk about “The State Is Not Your Friend”. No surprise to read about Dawn Primarolo’s support for the bullying of HMRC, and the underhand methods of Mr G. Brown Esq.

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