That destroy the environment thing

From a Guardian set of pictures:

Wales, 1965
Now known for its extensive forests and greenery, the mining town in the Ebbw valley in South Wales had a reputation for social deprivation, and for the scars left on the landscape by years of heavy industry.

So the environment has recovered within my own lifetime then? So much for the eternal destruction of the environment by capitalism then, eh?

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  1. Bloke in Germany in New Jersey

    But but, wasn’t coal mining closed down by evil capitalists who wanted to make profits by exploiting people by stopping employing them?

  2. ‘So much for the eternal destruction of the environment by capitalism then, eh?’

    They still hate free enterprise. They will just come up with other reasons. There will always be reasons.

  3. Nature is infinitely more powerful than puny humans, its why ‘climate change’ is such a crock of shit. We’re ants on the back of an elephant, we’re just along for the ride.

  4. @ philip
    Definitely not. Every time I go up the A1 into Yorkshire I pass coal mine waste heaps more than 30 years old that are still bare of grass.

  5. @ BiG iNJ
    Not quite. Most coal mines in the Uk were closed down by the National Coal Board under a Labour Government. Not that The Grauniad will publish that information.

  6. Ebbw Vale was the site of one of the Garden Festivals held around the the U.K. 30 odd years ago.
    A lot of work went into removing the old steelworks and capping mine shafts and creating new parkland, industrial space and housing. All the railway sidings were redone and new culverts on the river, groundwork’s alone took a few years.

  7. @Jim, Chernyy_Drakon

    Spot on

    On ex-mines, volcanoes etc, Nature very quickly reclaims land abandoned, desecrated etc using eg moss, grass, Birch, Buddleia, Dandelions, Nettles, Rowan, Sycamore, Thistles

  8. God damn you’re a fucking moron. If you continue depleting the same land, no, it won’t recover you fuckin moron. You seriously need an education. Yes, land will recover over time when it’s left alone. But when do you plan on culling the human population so that can happen? You don’t, retard

  9. @Michael Sanchez aka XR & Eugenics Zealot

    Eating Greens (via porcines) would help reduce C02 emissions and human population.

    When are you donating yourself to pig food?

    More Bacon, fewer Greens – a win-win

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