That didn’t last long then

I pointed out that I had a new little gig. I now no longer have that new little gig. My grammar’s not good enough, apparently.

Ho hum.

At least I did get to invoice them once…..

19 thoughts on “That didn’t last long then”

  1. That sounds like an excuse, unless their target market are obsessive pendants. More likely your somewhat irreverent style rubbed someone up the wrong way.

  2. bloke in Germany in New Jersey

    Was it actually certain arcane American stylistic preferences masquerading as grammar?

  3. They have a point Tim. I love the content of your blog and visit it everyday but saying ‘We really rather do indeed think’ instead of ‘We think’ is exasperating.

  4. James: Tim’s style, though slightly verbose and curcumlocutive, does convey more of his take on a subject than would a more terse style. So carry on Tim, and Foxtrot Oscar to style & grammar pendants!

  5. Nobody comes here for the quality of the writing, I imagine, as opposed to the content. The “community” is also a significant draw as far as I’m concerned.

    As to the lost gig, Tim appears to be reasonably sanguine and he who pays the piper…

  6. Not sure if it’s the Pendants Society, or the Pendant’s Society, or Pendants’ Society. Whichever, please don’t upset them.

  7. I’ve a feeling pointing out “you’re stupid taking a risk to invest in this, and this is why” pretty accurately against one of the Sweetharts of NeoHippiedom has a bit to do with it…

  8. Pretty much with Grikath on this; Tim had a piece up on there a bit earlier, and taking a bit of a look around the site, much of the content was along the lines of why crypto-ledgerery stuff is the bestest thing since sliced bread. I guess Tim took their brief at face value; revealed preferences and all that.

  9. “My grammar’s not good enough, apparently”

    Always a problem, geriatric delinquents. What does she do? Run people over in an electric buggy?

  10. I’m an avid reader of this blog but have said it before: Tim’s writing style is pretty inaccessible. It is – and really should be – inimitable.

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