The professionalisation of everything

Poorly run ‘hobby’ zoos should be made extinct
Martha Gill

Quite so. Can’t have these damned amateurs stealing the crusts from the mouths of the professionals now, can we?

19 thoughts on “The professionalisation of everything”

  1. I’d be happy to see the end of all zoos. The last one I visited was London Zoo, about a decade ago and it was an unremittingly depressing experience.

  2. “it can no longer keep dangerous animals since it doesn’t have enough firearms to deal with emergencies”

    So, just get more guns?

  3. I’m not sure which is worse – finding an escaped lynx shredding my bin bags, or giving firearms to psychotherapists.

  4. They should call in David Attenborough to advise. Didn’t he used to be a zookeeper? It would stop him annoying everyone in his current self-appointed role of “climate expert” (unqualified)

  5. We have licensing. If the licencing isn’t working, change it. Otherwise, shut the f**k up.

    And MC, you really should revisit – they’ve revamped a lot of the enclosures and it’s a very good zoo now.

  6. @Julia I went not long after they opened the big gorilla enclosure (I think), which was indeed quite swish. However I found the tigers pacing around their cages really quite upsetting. If that sort of thing is gone, I might reconsider.

  7. Attenborough got his start in TV with Zoo Quest, in which he helped collect exhibits for London Zoo, but I don’t think he was an employee of theirs.

  8. So, that’s Gerald Durrell out the window then! I loved taking my kids to zoos, watching their reaction at just how BIG a Tiger is! They’d only seen one on the telly, and had a stuffed animal version; keep the zoos, feed the whiners to the big cats.

  9. Dennis, The Peak of Mental Health

    Firearms in the hands of psychotherapists would probably result in far more deaths.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m not a fan of zoos although I accept they can be useful in helping to manage endangered species and looking after animals that can’t be returned to the wild and since we have them they may as well be used for educational purposes and open to the public.

    I haven’t visited Monkey World, although I used to play golf nearby and have heard the racket, but my son and his GF assure me its been very well done and only has rescue animals that can’t be returned to the wild.

  11. Chris Miller, you are correct. David Attenborough was never a zoo keeper. However, his only jobs appear to have been in the BBC as a producer, presenter and as controller of BBC 2. However his BA in zoology and biology, and an uncompleted postgrad in Social Anthropology do appear to disqualify as an expert on climate science

  12. @robert the biker
    Durrell was quite happy defending his role with Zoos as he felt it was important in fund raising and public awareness, letting the public see the animals did more to protect wildlife than banning zoos

  13. @diogenes
    I recall a clip of him dressed as a zookeeper with an elephant that was very popular, as you say just dressing the part not actually working there, but easy to see why people might assume it

  14. Zoos – we need Johnny Morris resurrected

    @Robert the Biker January 30, 2020 at 12:48 pm

    Spot on


    Not all marsupials are fast; Koalas are marsupial sloths, often live entire life in one tree

  15. I rather like zoos.
    Experience of seeing animals – not just what some git on the tele wants me to see but stuff that is actually happening in an enclosure.

    Including meerkats about to attack some teenager en masse. That was funny – wife pulled me to far side of the enclosure to watch as she recognised the attack call from her time at uni working with zoo animals.
    Keeper pulled teenager away from enclosure before the attack happened – then read him the riot act.

    If he had lost his arm it would have prevented him doing it again. Hint – don’t offer burgers to meerkat babies.

  16. ‘Can’t have these damned amateurs stealing the crusts from the mouths of the professionals now, can we?’

    Not the objective. The fascists can’t control hobby zoos. Their concern isn’t for the animals.

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