There’s a certain viciousness to this

Jacqueline Du Pré’s life inspires new Royal Ballet production

A dance to an MS sufferer?

7 thoughts on “There’s a certain viciousness to this”

  1. It could be a deeply moving interpretation of du Pré’s passionate and tempestuous musicianship contrasted with her rather shy personality and then her tragically early physical decline. It has great potential for a tragic ballet

  2. All dancers portraying people with MS must actually have MS.

    Actor portrayals are unacceptable.*

    *As in “only gays can play gays.”

    “The Royal Ballet figures it can exploit Jacqueline Du Pré’s life to sell a new Royal Ballet production”


    [I hope I can click Post Comment slow enough for this to go thru.]

  3. The thing is that she had ten years as a wunderkind married to woke genius Daniel Barenboim and then, after MS kicked in, Barenboim, woke genius, abandoned her and is still well woke, insisting on a 2 state solution etc.

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