There’s a merit to a statute of limitations

How can this possibly be tried?

The gang rape of a teenager more than 40 years ago by members of a touring rugby team is being investigated by detectives.

The 17-year-old victim was subjected to multiple rapes by several men at a hotel in Plymouth in 1978. She has now made a direct appeal to two witnesses to name her attackers.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the men were thought to be part of a rugby club visiting Plymouth from South Wales.

The alleged offences took place on a Saturday in late January or early February in 1978 at the now closed Strathmore Hotel in Elliot Street.

Seriously, how could a trial on this take place?

18 thoughts on “There’s a merit to a statute of limitations”

  1. 40 years on has the ring of mental case stuff. Far too late for witnesses or credible records. Will hotel register still exist after 40 years?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    GDPR, and the like, what a wonderful catch-all for the State to be able to seize and destroy historical evidence it doesn’t like:

    Police investigating the 1974 Guildford pub bombings have “seized” archives and may destroy some of them, a memo seen by the BBC has claimed.

    The records at Surrey History Centre were gathered by retired officers and deposited by ex-Ch Supt Bob Bartlett.

    Correspondence given to the BBC said police “entered the Surrey History Centre to recover any Guildford bombings related material because there is to be an inquest”.

    It said they “seized” files on 14 November covering both the terror attacks and other “diverse material” including retirement certificates, photographs of the Operations Room and pocketbooks, along with information on a rabies alert and disruption in the countryside, without consulting Mr Bartlett, who runs the Surrey Constabulary History website.

    It also claimed “archivists felt compelled to comply with police demands” and went on to criticise the move as “over-interpreting the law” and “over-zealous”.

    The papers included an appendix setting out reasons given by Surrey Police for taking the documents, citing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018, Management of Police Information (MoPI), the Public Records Act, the Freedom of Information Act and other guidance.

    If those hotel records do exist do we think they will be:

    a. Destroyed
    b. Leaked in to the public domain to shame the innocent

  3. They don’t need a trial. They don’t even need the right guys. Just find a couple of rugby players of about the right age — or any age really — and have them burnt on a pyre in a public square by mad naked feminists, with Keir Starmer and Alison Saunders looking on approvingly.

  4. No it’s the alleged gang rape.

    Not that you would know that from reading the report of this on the BBC.

    But the claimant should always be believed.

    Which makes you wonder why they bother with trials.

  5. This is one of only two things I do too quickly. But still, give them three days to report it or shut up forever.

  6. Will they be diverting staff and resources from patrolling the internet for potential offence-giving to protected groups?

  7. If the rape happened, and a couple of blokes present but not participating now do the decent thing and testify, would that be enough? Or if one of the rapists confesses? That’s all that could be hoped for here.

  8. “Seriously, how could a trial on this take place?”

    Because a psychopathic DPP says we must always believe the “victim”?

    Serious question: was that ugly woman who was DPP actually a psychopath or just a malevolent bitch with a deep desire to be elevated to the Lords?

  9. According to the BBC she reported it in 1993 there was an investigation and no suspects were found/identified and again in 2014 when there was another investigation.
    I think it would be fair to say the state has done all it can and taken this seriously and dragging this back up again a 3rd time and wasting more police resources is surely a questionable decision.

  10. The usual suspects who say regularly that this country should be more like Sweden, Germany etc. never seem to mention their statutes of limitations for criminal offences.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    I think I’ve mentioned this before …

    Malcolm Gladwell (yes, that one) did one of his Revisionist History podcasts on memory. One of the experiments he looked at was a group of psychologists asked members of the public to write down what they remembered about what they were doing when 9/11 happened, just a few days after the event.

    They went back 10 years later and asked them what they remembered and then showed them what they’d written. Most of the subjects were so far out that they went in to denial about what had been written and accused the researchers of using someone elses description.

    He even has a dispute with a friend and neighbour about what happened to them on the day, and they spent most of it together.

    The point was that even the memories of flashbulb events aren’t remembered accurately.

    She may believe that she was gang raped in all sincerity, but that doesn’t meant it happened.

  12. Seriously, how could a trial on this [40 year old case] take place?

    Didn’t stop Police Farce and CPS going after Rolf Harris, Brammel, Britain etc and dead Heath & Saville

  13. BniC :I think it would be fair to say the state has done all it can and taken this seriously and dragging this back up again a 3rd time and wasting more police resources is surely a questionable decision.

    If the Police didn’t expend resources and energy into pursuing wrong-think, hate crimes and a gamut of phobias (homo- islamo- didicoy-) at the expense of crimes against the person and property you would be correct. As things stand, anything that deflects the busies from their politically prioritised soft targets has to be welcomed. Sad, I grant you, but there it is.

  14. Didn’t stop Police Farce and CPS going after Rolf Harris, Brammel, Britain etc and dead Heath & Saville

    Wasn’t one of the allegations that they tried to pursue against Cliff Richard more than 50 years old? Regardless of the events that took place at that time (if any), there is no justification for prosecution of any crime which is beyond the possibility of defence.

    If there is no physical evidence, only witness testimony, then it simply becomes a measure of the unreliability of one persons recollection versus another, literally the worst form of “He Said / She Said”.

    Personally, I’d have statute of limitations of 5 years on all crimes without sex, violence or murder. Crimes involving sex and violence have to be brought within 10 years and there should be no limit on murder or manslaughter (effectively 1st and 2nd degree murder).

    That would stop all of these bollocks arising from unhappy women who had a bit of slap and tickle with a minor celebrity who need a bit of cash in their post-menopausal years, which is how I’d characterise a lot of the claims being made.

    Yes, clearly I am a misogynist. I am after all a white male.

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