There’s no damn mystery here

Putin’s new PM Mikhail Mishustin accused over unexplained wealth

There’s nothing unexplained about it at all.

The new Russian prime minister became mired in corruption allegations after less than a day in the role when newly discovered documents showed that his wife has acquired a substantial fortune and that the couple live in a luxury property near Moscow.

Mikhail Mishustin, a previously obscure tax official, was hand-picked by President Putin and voted in by the Russian parliament yesterday.

According to papers published by Alexei Navalny, a critic of the Kremlin, Mr Mishustin’s wife, Vladlena, declared an income of almost 800 million roubles (£9.9 million) over the past nine years, despite not appearing to own a business or have a job.

Mr Mishustin, 53, who has been a civil servant since 1998, was named head of the tax service in 2010, a post he held until he was unexpectedly promoted to prime minister. Most Russians had never heard of him.

What’s there to explain? He’s been the head of the tax service for a decade, he’s rich.


16 thoughts on “There’s no damn mystery here”

  1. Due to (family) history I’ve never been a fan of Russians or Russia, my grandfather was born in Viipuri/Vyborg when still under Finnish rule around the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

    So I am not a Putinist but sometimes do wish he’d send all the bloody bombs over here and perhaps some other species could start over because truly we have failed.

  2. To be honest I think I prefer the open admission that ‘Well yes, he’s in a position of power and influence, so naturally he will have lined his own pockets’. Better than our version where everyone pretends that the politicians (and civil servants) aren’t all making out like bandits on the back of their ‘connections’ and everything is all above board.

  3. “You are posting too quickly”
    First comemnt today, so that’s 18 hours gap.
    Sort our your site Tim, before it strangles itself.

  4. Tim the Coder, I’ve had that message 3 times today already, what’s that all about, eh?

    (got it the 4th time posting this)

  5. Obama recently purchased for megabucks a mansion and massive waterfront estate.
    He did this with the savings from 8 years president’s post-tax salary.

    I think I prefer the Russian corruption: at least it spares us the hypocrisy.

    It also suggests that choosing very rich candidates removes at least this bribe-vulnerability, but there will no doubt always be something else, alas.

  6. TtC

    “choosing very rich candidates removes at least this bribe-vulnerability”

    Bribery possibly, but conflict of interest probably not. They’re never going to implement anything that damages their own interests.

  7. I don’t mind politicians skimming off the top if they they have a function to perform. Bibi for instance, keeps the country safe against the lefties, domestic and abroad, and the representatives of the favoured peaceful religion. And his brother was at Entebbe, a war hero.

    Why not, he deserves it.

  8. “They’re never going to implement anything that damages their own interests.”

    Well, if their interests are not too far from mine, I can live with that.

  9. CT’s Twitter feed has been posting repetitive spam (same picture, different heading) overnight. Hacked?

  10. “What’s there to explain? He’s been the head of the tax service for a decade, he’s rich…”

    I think I understand how this works. We have heard of negative interest rates – he has just invented negative income tax…

  11. “They’re never going to implement anything that damages their own interests”

    That applies to everyone else as well. So people working for unions should not be allowed to become politicians… the same should apply to any public sector employee

  12. Dodgy Geezer: he has just invented negative income tax…

    I think you will find that negative income tax had previously been invented in the future by an Elysian expert.

  13. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of Richard Murphy translating his curriculum vitae into Russian.

  14. Jussi,
    Exactly. Save us from destruction and you can have all the big houses and slave girls you can handle. No problem. That’s how it works for CEOs, right?

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