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We’ve spent a long time trying to tell each other that skin colour, sex (or gender) don’t matter in vast areas of life. Including who governs. Apparently this is incorrect:

Sanders is the most progressive and revolutionary candidate on the merits, these folks argue, so the fact that Warren is a woman – and similarly progressive – can’t matter. The insistence that an elderly white man’s socialist revolution will better address my 21st-century black feminist gender concerns is textbook white liberal paternalism. How will Sanders white masculinity affect and inform how he governs? This is a question that we should get to ask. Being progressive doesn’t mean that one’s race or gender ceases to matter in one’s leadership style and prerogatives, especially not in a world where gender and race are always presumed to matter for how women and people of color will govern.

Oh, so gender (or sex) and skin colour do matter when governing. Therefore we should be taking both into account when we elect someone.

So, far I’ve just repeated what she’s said. Not changed it at all.

But what’s the implication of that? That the way birds and melanies* will govern is different precisely because they are birds and melanies. Which does mean that we’re all now allowed to not vote for them, to deliberately vote against them even, on the grounds that we don;t want to be governed the way that birds and melanies would.

Which isn’t what she wants to say at all, I’m sure, even as she is saying don;t vote for Bernie ‘cuz he’s white and a man.

*Those endowed with the superpower of extra melanin

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  1. They’re all fuck shit crazies, TIm.

    “Gender alone is not a sufficient qualification to be President (though I can think of a few recent Presidents for which this seems to be the only qualification they had). But I am convinced that it should offer an edge in a situation where no cisgender women, trans people or gender nonbinary people have ever had a position. I think race should work similarly.”

    Well, there we are then, couldn’t be clearer. Bugger merit.

  2. “where no cisgender women, trans people or gender nonbinary people have ever had a position“

    What about the Earl of Clarendon? OK, he was Governor of New York & New Jersey, but that was pretty much equivalent of President back then.

  3. Brittney Cooper is a professor at Rutgers University and the author of Eloquent Rage: A Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower.

    Turns out her superpower is eating.

    For those who refused to see how entrenched racism remained even after Obama’s ascent,

    This is true tho. Gullible white liberals naively thought electing the half-blood prince would put an end to tiresome ebonic accusations of raciss!, on the basis that paying the Danegeld is a surefire way to rid yourself of grabby Scandinavians.

  4. Dennis, Former Blogger to the Gods

    You’re are bumping up against the dead end of identity politics, Timmy.

    Beyond that, this is an excellent example of the sort of journalism that is killing journalism. Who reads Time? Virtually no one, that’s who.

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  6. Bloke in Germany in New Jersey

    I know he was in during rather odd economic times, but does anyone remember anything Barack Obama actually, really achieved in his 8 years?

  7. He said something true, in a Nixon in China kind of way, about black men abandoning their children.

    Pretty sure he did that. And someone needed to.

    Not that it changed anything. But still.

  8. Steve,

    “Half blood prince”

    Can’t imagine why I didn’t think if that one, but perhaps in the future I will.

  9. The main thing I remember Obama for was halting the program to industrialise pyroprocessing of spent nuclear fuel just before a full industrial trial was to be made.

    As I remember it, the US had to pay the South Koreans and Japanese more than it would have cost to complete the trial to compensate them for the money they’d put into the research.

  10. As I think I’ve said before: You may not be interested in identity politics, but identity politics is interested in you.

  11. Obama did manage to nail the trick of reading the teleprompter in the style of a bored waiter reeling off today’s specials.
    And his calling out of black fathers was done earlier and better by Chris Rock.

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