This is how it works

The mother of Britain’s most prolific rapist has said she still sees him as “my baby” and that she did not know her son was gay.

Not necessarily the gay bit but we do all remain the baby to our own mothers. Making this olds rather than news.

5 thoughts on “This is how it works”

  1. “She said: “We are a good Christian family who do not believe in homosexuality. He is my baby.””

    So. many. death. flags. there…..

    He did choose the rapey-route himself though. Plenty of opportunities for the “must-stay-in-the-closet-because-family” crowd, so that one is entirely on his tab.

  2. Grikath – I reckon this one is such an extreme outlier there’s no general lessons to be learned (other than don’t accept free drinks in Manchester, obvs)

    Your common or garden closeted Christian homosexual manages to not bum the unwilling, nevermind hundreds of them.

    That’s maybe the oddest thing about this case – Manchester is a very gay-friendly city and he’s not a bad looking boy (bit feminine tho). Could’ve gotten it free and legally every night of the week. If he’s Catholic, he could always go to confession.

  3. I suspect there is more than one lesson, Steve.

    It sounds like this pervert was spending lots of lovely furrin money fluffing a domestic university’s finances. There’s far too much of that going on* and, in this particular case, going on for far too obviously long.

    I’ve seen this first-hand. Loadsa third-worlders, often gay chaps, understandably enough don’t want to go home where they’ll have their goolies sliced-awf.

    But there must come a point where there is a red flag. Like those 9/11 chaps who did not want to learn how to land. These institutions for example, they churn out no end of nominally qualified lawyers who, even if for no other reason than because they can barely speak English, are nothing of the sort. But the furrin baksheesh counts. They get in, they get their piece of paper. They claw work from ‘their’ communities. Very, very often, they’re rubbish at it. Don’t get even the most basic concepts.

    In short, among lessons learned, I suggest: dodgy, worthless furrin students who are plainly here for reasons other than studying**

    * and has been for decades

    ** and don’t tell me their tutor (or whatever they’re called nowadays) cannot tell. This is all about the business of universities, screwing over their host country.

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