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Tim Worstall In Numbers

I have just been doing some manual backups of the site and decided to go into some of the numbers around the site.

The year with the most posts was 2008 followed by 2017
2008: 3554
2017: 2913

The most commented article was: Broadly my view although she’s going to get into so much trouble over this”

The month with the most comments has January 2020 storming ahead with double the previous highest.
January 2020: 13,080
January 2016: 6590

Top Commenters…
So Much For Subtlety: 12,912
Deary Me: 8,964
John77: 8,931
Mr Ecks: 8,446
IanB: 7,876

25 thoughts on “Tim Worstall In Numbers”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Whatever happened to smfs? He’s disappeared before but it seems to be some time since he last posted.

  2. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Ah, I see that thread contained bloody Minnow. He caused some difficulty at David Thompson’s place too.

    I agree with Vox Day: when a Gamma shows up, shoot it on sight.

  3. Richard,

    The month with the most comments has January 2020 storming ahead with double the previous highest.
    January 2020: 13,080
    January 2016: 6590

    Your 2020 January comments total to date looks to be perhaps “fanciful”?

    Try actually counting them? 3,500 or so or slightly less to date (as published)? As in “normal”.

    Perhaps you are including all the (increased numbers of?) automated spam comments that the system automatically deletes..!!? I’m not convinced they count – as a method of saying just how much more popular etc..;) Or some other error?

  4. Or perhaps you are including all the “typing too fast” comments that then have to be err re-typed….. But even that really doesn’t pass the smell test – as in you’re posting a total nearly 4 x the actual number that we can see on the blogs?

  5. What does look very obvious to me is that, after an increasingly successful 2015 through 2017, the TW site took a hammering in early Spring 2018 just at the point when Tim tried to get Contins going (and perhaps overly much ignored this site). Perhaps a classic “take the eye off the ball” if ever there was?

  6. Looking back at the Minnow thread, was I the only one suspected he was a she? (Wominn?) And commenters tried to engage in logical argument? Come now!

    And thanx to Tim for all the entertainment. 2013 takes me back to when I used to Radio 4’s Today programme, mornings. Maybe I thought it kept me abreast of world events. For the planet I’m living on, that is. Is that still going? BBC radio I mean? It’s not mentioned on their website. I just checked.

  7. I thought minnow was a “she”. The style of ignoring the actual argument in order to scream hurt and disbelief was a giveaway.

    I would have thought that BiS and I comment more than dearieme, but there you go

  8. I’m not on the frequent flyer list but then climate change isn’t coming up so much –.

    But, for what it’s worth, I thought Minnow was female too!

  9. I agree – it never even occurred to me it might have been male! The poor thing was irrational above and beyond..


    Consistency over time? Impressed by IanB, given he has not been around for a while. He might presumably otherwise be up towards SMFS territory.

  10. The style of ignoring the actual argument in order to scream hurt and disbelief was a giveaway.

    What little I saw reminds me of NiV’s style.

  11. The the latest skirmish in the ongoing war between SMFS & Rustybollocks was always a high point of the day.

  12. It seems Mr Ecks has also spent a very long time on his meds just recently. Otherwise he would also be higher than Manchester City in the league.

  13. I’ve just spent a half hour or so perusing that ‘What is Rape’ thread. I miss IanB he was always good value. Though pleased to see he still makes the odd appearance these days.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    I prefer Arnald over Newmaniac, both idiots but at least Arnald kept his posts short and occasionally mad me laugh.

  15. Ted S, Catskill Mtns, NY, USA

    I think Newmania and Ecks need to go get a room together and leave us adults here to post in peace.

  16. Thanks for your solicitude Biggie.

    Been busy lately –much like you as your own count seems well down. What with your ill-health and all the world-saving travel.

    As for 2015 vs now.A lot of the good commentators–IanB and SMFS for example–are absent and a lot of the leftist shite–Minnow, Arnald, PaulB–etc seem to have fucked off. Perhaps disheartened by Brexit.


  17. TedS–how come you wankers are being disarmed by the Virginia twat? In your case its obvious as a fucking half-dead mouse would have little trouble besting you but it seems that you should pay some attention to a leftist about to wipe his arse with your Bill of Rights and worry less about Brexit–which we won by the way.

  18. I’m hacking through the Minnow / UKL thread and musing on the difference between what I thought I was saying and what they decided I meant.

    But it brought to mind the recent story, which I can’t find, sorry (only seen on twitter so far) of the journalism student who had an audio recording of him refusing the offers of and not having sex with the complainant but was still ‘convicted’ by his university of rape. States, Title IX case, the male was an ex-leatherneck.

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