Timmy on Al Beeb

Re Brexit.

What next? Me and the CEO of the New Economics Foundation.

20 thoughts on “Timmy on Al Beeb”

  1. What next? Milk, honey, tell the euro commies to fuck off, tell any euros to fuck off if you so wish, I thank the lord for the people I have found, unless they see the sky, so dark outside, spanish harlem…..sorry, trying to type the is out as it goes, New York City, thank the lord for thepeople I have found, mona lisa…

    Fuck the fucking cunty euro people on the continent, they have so much malice, they are nasty, I know, I read the forums. Nasty fucking bunch they are.

  2. Death to the EU and its scum-sucking ,middle class Marxist allies . Esp the Facepainter

    And life abundant to all of us.

  3. Dear Mr Worstall

    Their bottom up approach to the economy is brilliant. Every time anyone wants something he can vote for it with a pocket full of votes called pounds and pence. Each and every day tens of millions of people can participate in a multitude of referenda – hundreds, if not thousands of millions of them, to let suppliers know what they want. And what they don’t.

    What a supremely perfect idea.

    Amazing no-one’s thought of it before.


  4. Chaps, it’s bedtime and my 6 year old keeps singing the chorus to “17 million fuck offs”, while laughing like a drain.

    I don’t have the heart to scold him that it was actually 17.4 million.

    Merry Brexmas to you all!

  5. Tonight, the well of my contentedness brimeth to overflowing.

    If, tomorrow, certain smarmy, attention-whoring, treasonous, fifth columnic, catamitic, B-Arkish, superannuated, hyperventilating-jazz-handsy, pyjama-sporting, hostile colonising people wake up on a sandbank in The Wash, forever, well… then I shall enjoy my omelette Arnold Bennett and conjoined bacon butty all the more.

    This is me, being polite.

  6. I have calmed down a bit my dear, I tell, the malice these on the continent have is quite unbelievable. It’s the russiasn, Putin, they all made Brexit happen. No, I am no friend of russkies just due to my family history and all that jazz but hey – how can they be everywhere influencing everything, my mind boggles? It’s a fanciful idea, I rather listen to this as ultra-zionist and anti-communist…


  7. Well, hmm, full disclosure would rather not have left… But we voted, and we have…
    Well there are advantages and disadvantages and the balance is a person calculus…
    So.. let’s make the most of it and not f- it up trying to be in and out at the same time, no? Singapore does rather well perhaps that is an interesting model ?
    Fear always with this is we would go but forego the advantages of in while imposing the disadvantages of out

  8. Given Boris’ message of ‘I believe in this country and it’s people don’t you’ it’s amazing how so many political and media class are answering ‘No’ and are surprised that the public doesn’t agree with them.
    I’d say arseholes the lot of them but at least arseholes have a function.

  9. Tim – how did you resist the temptation to say “shut up you silly woman and go and get me a cup of tea while i explain how things really are”?

  10. Definitely one of your best pieces Tim. You attacked on all sides, whereas your opponent only had one point like a stuck record.

    Great sound quality too, and a good back-and-forth. Were you in the same studio as your interlocutor?

  11. That’s edited down from 30 minutes of talking. And I think they missed my best bits.

    No, I was in Faro, they in London. In fact, my bit didn’t go down the phone line. Was recorded, then sent over as a file to be spliced.

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