Free speech survives here despite the attempts of trolls and that is precisely why you are now on the blocked list

Or is Humpty where a word means what he says it does?

5 thoughts on “Two legs”

  1. h alexander says:

    July 17 2019 at 11:58 am

    Thank you for your replies, Richard.

    I support a lot of what you blog about, but I wonder if you might reflect whether three insults in three replies may make you a difficult person to like.

  2. I find it intriguing that my response to yesterday’s “Most amusing” post has been reposted on the Capt Spud blog by somebody else – I no longer have posting privileges there, obviously:

    “Maybe, May and Javid accepted the terms of the referendum, that they would respect the outcome of the vote?”

    And the response of the diseased fuckwit is:

    “You could accept the vote and now trash the economy

    That option as available

    WHat is being chosen was not on any ballot paper”

    I think the quantum reality approach to Murphy gets more support. I cannot work out what he means in that attempt at a haiku

  3. Free speech potato style – as long as you agree with me. Being a sycophant helps as well.
    @BraveFart – if even John McDonnell thinks you are a cunt you ain’t going to have any mates.

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