Weird to be agreeing with Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s Labour leadership bid risked being derailed by a row on abortion, as it emerged that she objected to the current law on late terminations.

Labour MPs accused the pro-Corbyn candidate of holding “absolutely toxic” views after she said she disagreed with the exemption allowing abortions on disability grounds after the 24 week limit for healthy foetuses.

Quite apart from anything else it seems to breach the Disabilities Act*.

We’re not allowed to discriminate – either for or against – those in wheelchairs for example. Except we can kill those who might need a wheelchair because of spina bifida when we can’t kill those who might not. Sure sounds like discrimination to me.

*Or whatever it’s called.

14 thoughts on “Weird to be agreeing with Rebecca Long-Bailey”

  1. As I am in a very good mood this morning, let me outline my abortion stance. Every parent should have the right to terminate the pregnancy and the life of the child up to 18 years old. Say, the child is a bad egg, a problem child, perhaps involved in knife crime. Terminate the little shit. The parents made the child, they should have the right to un-make their error.

  2. “…rival candidate Jess Phillips appeared to wade into the controversy by declaring that “I always have and always will trust women to make the decisions about their bodies”.”

    But these decisions affect someone else’s body…

  3. Jussi

    Unlike many around here, I’ve often mulled that sometime up until the little one can look up into ma/pa’s eyes and say “I love you”, and ma/pa believes it, would be about the right cut-off point. But now you’ve got me thinking.

  4. rival candidate Jess Phillips appeared to wade into the controversy

    I’ve yet to decide whether Phillips is a deranged and lackwitted hyper-emotional egomaniac or a cunning operator faking it all the way.

  5. Have you read what she actually wrote? It’s a response to a questionnaire sent to all candidates by the local Catholic diocese, and from the extracts I’ve read her response was carefully crafted to make the right noises while not actually saying anything. So she says it’s wrong that there should be a difference in abortion time limits depending on disability, but doesn’t seem to say whether the response should be to decrease the time limit for disabled or increase it for everyone else.

  6. @Jussi and PF…

    It appeared at one time (the law may now have changed, I’m out-of-touch) that the French operated a legal very-late-term method of “abortion” in that they were allowed to supply their children with small motorbikes from the age of about 12 (with no necessity to also provide them with crash-helmets) on which they could “mix it” with peripherique traffic.

  7. Didn’t the ancient Romans believe a person didn’t have a soul until they were something like five years old, so abortion was acceptable up until 300 weeks after conception.

  8. If the Roman Catholic church were any bloody use it would have a rule that you could kill socialists without God considering it a crime.

  9. “If the Roman Catholic church were any bloody use it would have a rule that you could kill socialists without God considering it a crime.”
    I think Franco assumed that was already the case.

  10. The last Labour manifesto included a bit on decriminalising abortion (p. 40, I seem to recall…) and only the Churches raised an eyebrow. That would allow any woman to terminate any pregnancy up to full term.

    I’m not surprised that the Labour muppets have written off their traditional Irish Catholic working class support, but I am wondering whether anyone actually asked any imams what they thought…

  11. @mc
    Strikes me as a mouthy egotistical chancer, out for all she get her nose into. Leadership bid is most likely so she can do a deal with the winner and get a nice shadow cabinet post.

  12. @Jussi

    iirc as jgh says, in Roman era “termination” up to 5 was allowed; kinda makes sense as some problems take time to develop

    On abortion up to x weeks: multiple surveys have shown most women think already too high

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