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Well, that’s the pitch, certainly

Royals for rent: will Harry and Meghan become the world’s biggest influencers?

Considered opinion around here is no, they won’t.

Minor European royalty and a fading never terribly famous actress?


23 thoughts on “Well, that’s the pitch, certainly”

  1. She’s 38. Name a 38 year old female influencer.

    There’s Beyonce. But, she’s Beyonce. Can sing and dance a bit.

  2. Have any of you taken a look at the Sussex Royal website? It reads as if it has been written by AI programmed by Newmania. It is so crappy that the BBC might make a programme where somebody reads aloud from it for 10 minutes every day – a new version of Thought for the Day, perhaps

  3. a new empire stretches before them, limitless, lucrative and theirs for the taking: the kingdom of sponsored content

    Can’t wait to see Harry explaining the benefits of Nord VPN on his YouTube channel.

    Before marrying Harry, Meghan ran the lifestyle/fashion blog The Tig

    So she’s a… tigger? :-/

    Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix, summed it up when asked if he would be open to working with them: “Who wouldn’t be interested?”

    Seriously, you could probably make a small fortune shorting Netflix.

    With the Sunday Times forecasting influencing to be worth £8bn globally this year

    In a twist worthy of M Night Shayalamalalan, maybe ISIS were right.

    The Obamas, who have signed a deal with Netflix, have been pointed to as role models for Harry and Meghan’s new life. There is a key difference, though

    Yarp. Money laundering.

    Do we honestly believe Yank politicians are “worth” a $65m book advance? It’s simple graft, payment for services rendered. It’s how come Hillary Clinton – who couldn’t draw an audience for her speeches when she was doing it for free in her 2016 presidential campaign – is “worth” $200,000 a pop when incontinently rambling in the lair of Goldman Sachs.

    (Albeit Netflix really is stupid enough to set fire to a yuge bundle of cash).


  4. Diogenes,

    “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex believe in the shared strength and spirit of Community”

    Why even bother writing that? “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex believe that kitten stompers are the future” is a manifesto worth writing. That stuff is as bland as Give Peace a Chance.

  5. @Steve: “So she’s a… tigger? :-/

    Given what the media have been accused of doing, I don’t think that’s quite the right word they’ve been implying.


  6. The paparazzi are predatory everywhere, and being a royal probably gives you as much protection as anywhere, so I just can’t see that as a real reason for this debacle. Also, paying your own way may be admirable, but there comes a time when you have enough, and then you have to decide if you like what you are doing with your time, or not. As for me, I’d like a millionaire lifestyle with a few public appearances to earn it. My take on it is that Meghan wants out of the hidebound protocol of the court, and as an American has been brought up believing she shouldn’t kowtow to royalty, especially British royalty. Add to that the need for her to virtue signal, and to trade on her ‘black’ credentials (the former not the done thing, the latter negated by being a Duchess) and you have it in a nutshell.

    Harry? The Prince who gives it up for love? Great. Hollywood. But if he’s bald? Meghan knows how to dump people: her father, her first husband, now the Queen and Charles. Who knows what Camilla thinks (or says) about her. And Meghan certainly can’t like Camilla’s teeth!

  7. Guys, it’s all covered

    “Through local and global community action, progressive change can be achieved far quicker than ever before. In 2020, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to shape their charitable entity to respond to these pressing needs. After carefully considering a number of foundation models, and having researched the incredible work of many well known and lesser known foundations, The Duke and Duchess are actively working to create something different – a charitable entity that will not only help complement these efforts, but also advance the solutions the world needs most. They look forward to sharing more with you in due course.”

  8. She’s accused of being a social climber.

    How do you go up from royalty?
    Supreme Overlord of the Earth?

  9. Diogenes–
    “are actively working to create something different – a charitable entity that …..” pays them enough to keep them in the manner to which they are accustomed and solves world problems.

  10. The one place that has potential for serious wedge is with link ups with gulf Royalty or (a la tony blair) an oil rich dictator. Say one with a billionaire daughter who wants to be friends with Harry and Meg.

    Presumably if he so wishes Prince Charles will be able to put a kaibosh on any official gulf largesse, but there are so many offspring out there, all mixed up with business and charity, it may be possible to muddy the waters enough to make a good bit of dough.

  11. Influencers of whom?

    And do they matter?

    Seems to me its all groupthink; outside in the real world no-one cares what they think or say

  12. Can’t say I’m all that bothered. The royal have always been free feedstock for the media industry. Wonder just how many billions were earned & still being earned off of Di? So a smart little ‘Merican girl’s going to try monetise a minute fraction of it. Good luck to her. She’s doing nothing that the Court Reporter for the Thunderer hasn’t been doing for a century or two.

  13. Parklife – LOL

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the Foundation? I get the impression that the general idea is that you get paid money ‘for charity’ which whitewashes all sorts of grifting, but barely have to give any of over to actual charitable endeavours. The rest can be spent on fundraising, which is a euphemism for paying for yourself and your lifestyle.

    Am I too cynical? Is there a different angle?

  14. Does anyone know whether the Clinton foundation can still support Chelsea? Or will she have to stand for President in 2024?

  15. “Does anyone know whether the Clinton foundation can still support Chelsea? ”

    I hear they are switching to Arsenal for next season…..

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