Well, yes, obviously so

Free bus travel for Waspi women ‘discriminates against men’

How can this not be true?

Women living in County Durham who have been affected by the rise in their state pension age will be entitled to free bus passes, in a controversial project that has been criticised by experts.

Durham County Council’s cabinet approved a scheme yesterday to give free bus passes to around 3,000 women who could be facing financial troubles due to the equalisation of retirement ages between men and women.

7 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously so”

  1. Co Durham is red Labour council infested. That is the reason there is so much litter right outside the city centre. Lefties like to shit where they live.

  2. ‘It’s OK, the male pensioners can just identify as women. Simples!’

    Thanks Julia. I must remember that one!!

  3. That was my first thought when I heard about it being proposed. I’d have thought a similar aged man would have a slam dunk case for sexual discrimination.

  4. “I identify as a woman.”

    Bus driver: “Get off, pet.”

    “I didn’t say I identified as a guide dog.”

  5. Ah, but, but this is discrimination *in favour of women* not against men, so it’s acceptable. Anyhow men are not a protected category

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