When I said it……

I was a climate change denier:

Our ancestors managed fire country for millennia. We yearn to burn once more
Cultural fire will protect the canopy where the koalas live – regenerating the tree that they eat

When he says it it’s ancient cultural wisdom.

Presumably my real crime was cultural appropriation.

7 thoughts on “When I said it……”

  1. It’s a great hoot to see The Wisdom of the Ancients being set against the folly of the climate hysterics. But the latter have the bigger financial incentive so they’ll probably win.

    Do you suppose that in private they say “Pay no attention to the bloody abos and their superstitions”?

  2. Meanwhile, the UK government proposes to ban the burning of grouse moors. Within 10-15 years, there’ll be an almighty fire on UK uplands – for which, inevitably, climate change will be held responsible!

  3. Tim has done Mr Abo a disservice by saying Mr Abo was a ‘denier’; few are, most believe it has and will change and man is but an ant on a mountain

    Dear Mr Abo, who lit the fires before Abos sailed to Aus? Was it Skippy?


    Maybe Guardian is saying only Abos allowed to burn bush/woodland. White farmers, residents doing it is Cultural Appropriation.

  4. Pcar: I always thought that fire was the way the abos got rid of the megafauna.

    Except the crocodiles of course. We had them under control, but then the Greens————–

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