Why would she?

Vancouver women’s group hopes ‘warm and engaged’ Meghan comes to visit again

She’s already got her photo op……

8 thoughts on “Why would she?”

  1. To the extent that anyone here might care, is anyone else beginning to wonder if she and Harry are already no longer an item?

  2. Edward Lud: that did cross my mind as he has the cover of endless legal tangles to stay here BUT she does have young Archie as a hostage and I don’t see Justhin allowing the RCMP to recover him. That can only happen on British soil with a cooperative family court. I do think his biological clock and desire for sprogs made him vulnerable to Ms Markle.

  3. I was mystified yesterday on reading that she’d gone there to discuss “climate justice for girls” – wtf even is that?
    Fuck knows, but I bet I’ll be paying for it

  4. Gamecock said:
    “Telegraph readers didn’t know that British Columbia is in western Canada.”

    If you’d asked, I wouldn’t have been 100% sure British Columbia still existed. Is there still a Prince Rupert’s Land too?

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