Yes, you are Matey

We are taking a leap of faith

Although there are some who would say it is you, not we, that is.

13 thoughts on “Yes, you are Matey”

  1. …he means Meghan Mantis and Harry.

    Yes, but I think Tim’s point is whatever Harry thinks, it’s he who is making the leap.

  2. but said he had “no other option.”

    What was he gonna do – not marry an ageing stripper with more miles on the cockdometer than a 1992 Vauxhall Nova?

    Let’s be realistic, it’s hard to meet nice girls when you’re ginger and still live with your Nan.

  3. Steve,

    She also said on her CV that she was a masseuse, so I guess that like most princesses, she’s used to happy endings.

  4. Harry is a mug to retain some claim to use Frogmore Cottage. He should be busy establishing residency in Scotland so that he can use the Scottish Courts for his divorce. Divorce in England or the US (or Canada?) will cost him a fortune I’d think. Unless he can find a Canadian province with a sane divorce law and establish himself there. Is there one?

    But then the penny hasn’t dropped yet, has it?

  5. Piers Morgan lets rip on petulant Harry’s “Woe is me” speech

    Spare me your ‘patriotic’ crocodile tears, Harry – you didn’t have to quit. You chose to ditch the Queen, the monarchy, your military comrades & your country… to become a royal Kardashian & keep Meghan happy

  6. Oh, fvck. The torture has started.

    ‘Prince arrives in Canada, reunites with Meghan, Archie: report’

    I’m being water boarded.

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