£3 is a fortune these days

According to the Daily Mail at least:

The 35 square mile island of Anguilla is making huge profits by selling its unique .ai domain name to tech companies thanks to be short for artificial intelligence. Last year, it made around £3 – we take a look at some of the other unusual places cashing in on the unusual trend.

8 thoughts on “£3 is a fortune these days”

  1. Do any of these rags still aspire to being considered newspapers of record?

    Someone needs to warn future historians in search of history’s first draft.

  2. The embarrassing truth for mankind is that you can learn much more about that species from the Mail than you can from the Guardian.

  3. It’s unique top-level domain name.
    Well, of course it’s unique, they’re designed to be unique. That’s the entire point of a naming system.

  4. @jgh

    Spot on. If it wasn’t unique – chaos

    It’s not new, Tuvala has been selling .TV to world for ~20 years
    eg http:/five.tv

    Italy missed a trick by not selling .IT domains as tech with something else for italy

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