Ah, yes, Carole

Carole Cadwalladr’s journey from obscure features writer to Orwell Prize-winner has been a glorious one. She shot to prominence in the months after the referendum with the stunning scoop that Facebook allows targeted advertising. A series of articles in the Observer followed, some of which contained claims that did not have to be corrected or retracted.

11 thoughts on “Ah, yes, Carole”

  1. I’m not a vindictive man but all 10 need to be stripped of all their money and UK citizenship and deported to the EU in the clothes they stand up in as a warning to the rest of the treasonpack.

    Just sayin’.

  2. That seems a bit harsh Ecksy, considering how thoroughly most of them have been hoist by their own leftardedness. Deportation without trial seems rather unEnglish too, the sort of thing Napoleon might do.

    I’d certainly exclude Codswallop, Mason, Adonis and Grayling from harsh action because all four seem to be fighting a losing battle with profound derangement, which is both tragic and hilarious to observe.

  3. Paul Mason has a book out on 6 Feb (Clear Bright Future), for anyone looking for a Valentine’s gift for a rabid lesbian who hates white privileged males

  4. “seems rather unEnglish too”
    If you’re talking “Ënglish”, soundly defeating then slitting the throats of the survivors was the preferred behaviour. Clemency is regrettably more latter day post-Empire British

  5. All of them are entitled to free speech. The English thing to do is to mock their Brexit Derangement Syndrome mercilessly and relentlessly.

  6. @Pcar – from the artice about Codswallop

    She has previously received donations of more than £300,000 from 10,000 people but has decided to ringfence that money to pay Banks’ legal costs if she loses the case.

    If she wins, the money will go towards producing more investigative journalism, Cadwalladr said.

    Nice one, so if she wins she also gets to keep £300k to fund a very comfortable lifestyle, sorry more investigative journalism.

  7. MC- yep

    P.s. Tim there’s one of those dodgy public good arguments being made here. Ms codswalloper should not be responsible for her words’ effects on a 3rd party because then we’ll never find out about things that did not happen.

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