American academic writing again

This week marks what would have been George Harrison’s 77th birthday. Back in February 1988, the Quiet Beatle marked the occasion with a bona fide hit record, “Got My Mind Set on You,” which was soaring among the American radio airwaves at the time.

That’s pretty cool. George celebrated his 77 th birthday 32 years early. Nowt’s beyond a Beatle of course.

The source of this is our old friend:

Kenneth Womack is the author of a two-volume biography of the life and work of Beatles producer George Martin. He is Dean of the Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Monmouth University.

3 thoughts on “American academic writing again”

  1. ‘ Nowt’s beyond a Beatle…’

    Apparently. He had 77 birthdays whereas we other mortals being born just once, only have one.

  2. Proctor of the Spunkum B'Over Davies School of the J. Arthur Wrangler Titsup Faculty of Hopelessness

    Blimey, there goes my stipend!

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