Apes oft appear in gracile and robust forms

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Eliot Daly

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Luke Cowan Dickie

12 thoughts on “Apes oft appear in gracile and robust forms”

  1. Wrong way round, Tim.

    … intended oomerously Mr Rowdy
    Never been quite convinced by Daly at fullback myself. I get it , good boot, quick decent footballer but the complete lack of a swerve or step troubles me and I hate this business of picking people out of position….and what has George got against Robson at 9 …I could go on …

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Daly spent a large part of his Wasps career at FB. He is never been best under a high ball but he’s got good positional awareness and whilst he might have lost a bit of pace he’s still fast enough to get round most chasing attacks. Of the current backs in the England set up he’s probably best in that position.

  3. I find this display of heteronormative cisgendered able-bodied beard privilege to be very triggering! (jazz hands)

  4. When Private Eye does a pair of pictures, gosh, doesn’t this one look like this one, they always put the names the wrong way around….

  5. Dennis, A Wog Or Not A Wog... That Is The Question

    Yeah, but could they withstand a sustained attack from a woman’s field hockey team?

  6. I sometimes watch the Ladies rugger on BBC’s Red Button.
    Big lezzers rolling around in the mud.
    Justifies the Licence Fee on its own.

  7. Two More Large Apes

    USA: Tyson “Flabby” Fury vs Deontay “Matchstick Legs” Wilder 2 – Full fight

    UK: Highlights

    If Not Watched
    Stop Reading Now

    Knocked down: A slip. Then another slip. Matchstick Legs?

    imo Wilder decided he was loser in round 1

    Tyson should have done a Mike Tyson “street brawl” in round 2 or 3 instead of Ali dancing, left himself open to a Wilder killer punch for too long

    Disappointing no knock out, but Wilder team & Ref correct to stop
    Towel comes in – top left

    UK: Highlights
    Towel comes in – top left

    Conspiracy theories flooding twatter?

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