Are WAGs really this important these days?

Exclusive: Chelsea become first club to tailor training to menstrual cycles

16 thoughts on “Are WAGs really this important these days?”

  1. Tsk. Get with the programme Tim.

    Football is played by women.

    Women’s football is all the fashion these days. Despite being little better than a boys under 16 teams and mostly only watched by the players’ parents and old men in macs with busy hands, women’s football is being relentlessly promoted by woke media. “cracking goal by superstar Wendy Whatsername” screams the BBC headline accompanied by a video of a limp shot being missed by a flappy-handed goalkeeper in an empty, echoing stadium .

  2. I can just see the results in the sports pages: Match postponed, striker on the rag.

    Wonder how the Pools Panel would call that result.

  3. As an aside, the Scottish Government are now flooding (fnar) the country with adverts demanding we call periods “periods”. The couple I’ve seen so far decry the euphemism “the red tide”.

  4. BBC has an article on how do we avoid concussions in women’s rugby to which a rugby loving female colleague of mine announced that it was simple, if you don’t want to risk concussion don’t play a contact sport

  5. To paraphrase a younger ladyfriend of mine who does do the female footie thing, from well before it became popular:
    “Periods? Get a [censored] implant and be done with all that [bleep]. End of Period.”

    But maybe she’s atypical in that she doesn’t want to be stuck with stone-age methods when it comes to the inconveniencies of the female body and how they interfere with what she wants to do. Even if it involves needles.

  6. a younger ladyfriend of mine who does do the female footie thing, from well before it became popular

    I’m utterly disinterested in Bloke Soccer too, so maybe it’s just my ignorance, but when did Chick Soccer get popular?

  7. ‘The USWNT’s players filed a lawsuit against U.S. Soccer last year calling for equal pay, with the suit alleging that U.S. Soccer “continues to practice gender-based discrimination against its champion female employees on the WNT in comparison to its less successful male employees on the MNT.”‘

    Turn off the heat at Cambridge, and cut U.S. men’s soccer pay 80%. They want equality? Shove it up their . . . .

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