But what if the State’s worse?

Vulnerable children are being left at risk of sexual abuse from within their family by the failings of state agencies tasked with keeping them safe, according to a damning report into child protection.

For we do have rather a lot of evidence that the State itself – the evidence from all those Northern cities and the grooming gangs – is worse at protecting children from abuse than families.

It’s a rather nice example of the larger point about market failures. Sure, they exist, as does evil. But to say that market failures exist is not to conclude the argument for state intervention. It still has to be proven that the state intervention leads to a better outcome.

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  1. The Ropers in the northern cities (and Oxford) kept their own children safe from sexual abuse by taking their custom to state-run facilities.

  2. It’s not just that “The state’s worse”, but that it is incentivised to be worse.

    Yes, there are bad parents, but the agents of the state see abuse where there is simply inexperience or difficulty and an “overabundance of caution” means that social workers will seize children they believe can be adopted which are in neither the interests of the child, nor the family.

    At the other end of the spectrum, those children who ARE abused and suffer psychological damage because of it are often left with an abusive parent because they know that the children cannot be rehomed (like some mangy cat).

    The problem of Pakistani rapists only really exists because there is a vast pool of troubled children who were vulnerable BECAUSE of the system of local authority care, which should operate, not as an early intervention, but as a last resort.

  3. The Guardian finally pays attention to the sexual abuse of children. Why, I wonder? Oh yes, the breakup of the family and extending State control over children.

  4. The Guardian finally pays attention to the sexual abuse of children. Why, I wonder? Oh yes, the breakup of the family and extending State control over children.

    Sure, but I suspect if you did a Venn diagram of Social Workers (or BBC employees) and Grauniad Readers they would be eclipsed. However, the Grauniad’s newly found love of the sexual abuse of children will tread a fine line between supporting its loyal readers in social work and condemnation of the RoPers, since the need to virtue signal is paramount.

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    ― Upton Sinclair

  5. How many of those vulnerable children only exist in the first place because their mothers were paid to produce them?

    It’s all very well saying the state agency is “tasked with keeping them safe” but how exactly is that to be achieved if once in care they can come and go as they please and spend time with anyone who can lure them away?

  6. How many of those vulnerable children only exist in the first place because their mothers were paid to produce them?

    Indeed, these are the perverse incentives of a welfare system that effectively pays the poor to breed. Plus you get more money if you can claim the child is disabled (ADHD and Autism spectrum being the tools of choice of the modern single mother/welfare hustler).

    It used to be that single mothers would get shame, approbation and adoption in that order. Now they get a council house and a monthly income from the state. Anyone who thinks this is the route to a stable and functioning future society is an idiot.

    As Chris Rea sang “This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway…This is the road to hell”.

  7. It’s the hellish version of paying one group to dig holes and another to fill them in, but played with human souls instead of holes in the ground. Pay underclass women to produce fatherless children then pay the child snatchers to intervene.

  8. MrsBud doesn’t read the Guardian, she drives a Jag and flies business or first class. To be fair, she is an anomaly, her colleagues assume all social workers vote Green or Labor, they think it is inconceivable that a social worker could vote for the Coalition or believe that climate change is a non-issue.

  9. You’re channelling Capt. Kirk, there, m’Lud: Lady H would have nothing to say about anything that has disappeared into the black hole of Islington history.

  10. ‘It still has to be proven that the state intervention leads to a better outcome.’

    State has no interest in ‘better outcome.’ Their interest is control.

    ‘the failings of state agencies tasked with keeping them safe’

    A moments thought reveals they can’t keep them safe.

    A myth to get people to accept their intervention and control.

  11. I have been referring for years to The Council Buggery Service. I need a similar expression for the police forces who conspired to cover up the Pakistani rape gangs. Any suggestions?

  12. the failings of state agencies tasked with keeping them safe

    Cue cries of “What they need is more money / people / resources” or “It was austerity wot done this”.

    Utter cant. What is required is that the state is massively pruned back in size and scope so that it cannot interfere in the lives of its own citizenry. Where child abuse takes place (physical or sexual), then the abusers should face the full extent of the law regardless of their ethnic / religious origin or the “sensitivities” of ethnic / religious communities.

    If the “diverse recent arrivals” don’t like it they can fuck off back to the Muslim shitholes they escaped from. As for the denizens of the left who promote this clusterfuck, they should be given the benefit of a full trial by jury and hung.

  13. We seem to have moved from a position where the state allows vulnerable children to be raped by care home staff to one where the state ‘care’ providers outsource the rape to our enriched population.

    Either way, there’s no surer way to ensure children get raped than let the state get its hands on them.

  14. “In one case, police failed to even interview a family member until four weeks after a child had disclosed that they had abused her. The perpetrator was not arrested, meaning that the child was also not protected by bail conditions that could be placed on them.”

    I child had DISCLOSED, hey? Disclosure, that word social workers etc. were chastised for using during the Orkney and Cleveland scandals has crept back into popular usage. As with all the Orwellian language creeping into public discourse, the direction of travel is clear: good-thinkers like us are innocent because of our virtue and all you plebby wrong-thinkers are to be classed as ‘perpetrators’ and ‘offenders’ on the say-so of ‘victims’ and ‘survivors’; current-year thinking dictates that we continue to use words like ‘hate’ and ‘abuse’ which have deliberately elastic meanings consonant with our capricious whims.

  15. Recall seeing a First Nations man being interviewed about the Indian Residential Schools and saying that the simple truth is that where the prey are is where the predators will gather. The system by its nature will lead to more opportunities for predators so that’s where they will be.
    Also had an opportunity to meet Senator Murray Sinclair who lead the enquiry into abuse at Indian Residential Schools and he talked about the importance of truth being known before we can heal and reconcile, that it is an important first step to face the issues. Compare that to the hiding of rape gangs and the forever failing UK enquiry into care home abuse.

  16. It still has to be proven that the state intervention leads to a better outcome

    What is proven is children in state care do less well than their peers. Although this could be because those in state care already are selected, not random.

    Difficult to achieve a random sample as state can’t go into every P1 class and randomly choose 1 child to be removed for 10 years

    Experiment for BiG?

    @John Galt

    +1 eg SW’s propensity to steal middle class children as they “might suffer emotional abuse”

    As for “in care” vulnerable or behavioural problem children, one would assume the exit doors locked – nope, they can come and go as they please; hence why RoP rapist pimps targeted them.

    It used to be that single mothers would get shame, approbation and adoption in that order, and still should be

    +1 on all your others too


    The RoP & Woke Protection Farce?

  17. Bloke in North Dorset


    As I’ve just posted elsewhere, why was he even out of prison if they thought he needed active surveillance and had only served half his sentence?

    I’m very liberal on the use of prison but this stinks. Even the BBC had the good grace to point this out (Maybe they’re leaning?)

    A man shot dead by police after he stabbed people in south London had been released from prison in January.

    Sudesh Amman was released around a week ago after serving half of his three year sentence for terror offences.

    He was under active police surveillance at the time of the attack on Streatham High Road, which police believe to be an Islamist-related terrorist incident.

  18. Following this latest ROPer attack, don’t forget to mention some right-wing nut job who did something 15 years ago.

  19. All same as London Bridge murders two months ago. “Isolated Incident” yeah, sure.

    I’m sure there is a similar theme to all these random terrorist attacks…I just can’t put my finger on it…

  20. Enrichment comes to Scotland – Move along, nothing to see here

    Reporter: “Why did you keep the investigation and court cases secret?”
    Police: “We always consider whether we should keep something a secret.”
    Then, nothing. The “cop” didn’t answer the question at all, and the “reporter” did not seem to be curious about the non-answer.

  21. Pcar, problem is picking your endpoint. Brought up by feckless single mother or care home, most victims of both are going to have some degree of shit life, but probably different shit on averagrme. It’s not as if you will get scallies with one and NASA engineers with the other.

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