Capitalist Oppression returns to Cuba

However, while most hosts were excited by Airbnb entering the market, they didn’t anticipate that, as hosts, they would often be expected to go beyond their traditional role of simply providing accommodations to their guests. In some cases, being a host required emotionally demanding labor, such as coping with exhaustion while “putting on a smile.” The costs of emotional labor stemming from the growth of access to platforms such as Airbnb affected not only Cuban hosts but also non-hosts impacted by the neighborhood changes.

Although Airbnb doesn’t acknowledge or address the emotional labor imposed onto Cubans, they have certainly capitalized on such labor by advertising the authentic experience. That’s a way to attract more customers and provide a unique experience at the exploitation of others.

32 thoughts on “Capitalist Oppression returns to Cuba”

  1. Dennis, Bullshit Detector

    The above gibberish was penned by an Assistant Professor of “Media Studies” at an American university.

    So the British don’t have a lock on giving morons professorships.

  2. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    Emotional Labor: The effort expended whining like a little bitch while doing your job.

  3. Sounds like lots of people visiting are the sort of utter wankers who want to visit Cuba.

    I mean, what’s Cuba got that a load of other Caribbean islands don’t?

  4. @Dennis
    Assistant Professor = postgrad or doctoral candidate paying for their studies with some teaching time = teaboy
    Could also, but not necessarily, be a moron. 🙂

  5. “what’s Cuba got that a load of other Caribbean islands don’t?”

    A friend told me, the experience of being arrested raped & tortured by the police. The cigarette burns still show after 25 years. You don’t get souvenirs like that from the Bahamas.

  6. Jeez but the complete lack of awareness is mindboggling:

    “which motivated other Cubans to renovate their homes to offer the same service. ”

    Incentives matter. Even in communist countries. Who knew?

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Emotional Labour = customer service = being nice to dick heads

    You can just imagine SJWs who wear T Shirts proclaiming “II’m a Socialist” but are used to a life of entitlement thinking it would be great to show solidarity with a real socialist country and being real dick heads when they find out the reality of socialism.

  8. what’s Cuba got that a load of other Caribbean islands don’t?

    Genuine Latin American Third World ethnicity with added mañana converted to crumbling shithole by a commie nutcase. Plus multiply rebuilt 50s chevys. Plenty of Western wankers lap that shit up, but say they went for the Buena Vista Social Club Experience.

  9. I thought AirBnB was a market not a supplier, so it’s the hosts advertising on AirBnB who are exploiting themselves by demanding that themselves must smile at their guests.

  10. Well- I’m just back from Cuba ( went with Mrs Toni so not for 1 in 3 wymyn gamers Edward) and I’ve lived in the Bahamas. Guess that makes me a wanker BoM4 – tho you probably stay locked in an all-inclusive resort on holiday?
    It was safer walking around Havana after dark then Nassau in the eighties. Possibly because all crime is dealt with severely so mebbe the police do use rape and torture. (Better approach than automatic release after half the sentence for pyscho-Islamists)
    Trump is in the thrall of Florida based Cuban Americans so is tightening the blockade – which will only push Diaz-Canel and his crypto Communist regime further into the arms of Russia and China. The result – ordinary Cubans are oppressed by a failed political system and Trump not thinking strategically.

    Viva la revolucion!

  11. Dennis, Bullshit Detector

    Swiss toni –

    So making things easy for the Cuban government and enabling that failed political system to limp along while oppressing ordinary Cubans is the way to go?

    How very Obamaesque.

    Should Trump be doing the same with Iran?

  12. @ Dennis
    Thing is – US blockade has been in place since 62 and we’re still waiting.
    Cuba is not a threat to anyone anymore -Iran most definitely is and so it’s a shame, but the Iranian people are collateral damage.
    The Cuban people have a romantic attachment to Fidel and Che not to the broken system that can’t feed its people or provide basics like bog roll

  13. “emotional labor”

    Can I bill my ex-GF for all the emotional labour of putting up with her shit for so long? I expect it to be a big bill….

  14. Boganboy - Formerly A Proud Bureaucrat

    Swiss Toni – when you talk of our idiotic pampering of Islamic terrorists, you make a good case that their fascism is better than our socialism.

    But Cuba isn’t under blockade. It’s just subject to a US embargo. Anyone can go there. Indeed my dear niece did so.

    Of course when she flew back to Oz through the US, she had to stay locked up with the other illegals. But that’s nothing to do with Cuba. It’s just that her parents visited the US from Canada when she was only a baby. She was registered in but the border control mob forgot to register her out.

    I always thought our bureaucrats were the worst in the world, but obviously the Yanks can give them a run for their money.

  15. Well the Cubans call it a blockade
    Sorry your niece had a difficult time – US immigration can be surly difficult buggers
    I believe Dirty Havana Trilogy is / was banned in Cuba. It deals with the Special period in the nineties after the Soviet Union essentially abandoned Cuba – very sleazy book but enlightening on the hardships of ordinary Cubans

  16. @ Swiss toni
    My friend Maria was, at the time, a Venezuelan journalist. And also a communist. She was arrested for interviewing the wrong people & asking the wrong questions about Cuban communism.

  17. @Swiss toni

    Cubans calling it a blockade doesn’t make it true

    Havanna Cigars & Cuban Rum are in shops in UK – not a blockade if legally & openly shipped across Atlantic then sold in shops

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