Christianity has been learnt well here then

They say if you want something done, ask someone busy, which Julian Richer certainly is.

Alongside the hi-fi retailer he founded as a teenager under the arches of London Bridge in 1978, the entrepreneur runs seven non-profit organisations, including the Good Business Charter (GBC), an accreditation scheme that launches on Monday.

Baptised at 47, Richer speaks freely of his faith. He says he is motivated to do good “for Jesus”, so it is perhaps no coincidence that the charter is comprised of 10 commandments to commit companies to improving their behaviour voluntarily.

These include pledges on paying fair tax,

This all being funded by having sold the business free of CGT and income tax.

11 thoughts on “Christianity has been learnt well here then”

  1. As the Good Lord himself said in Matthew 22:21: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, but hesitate not in taking advantage of whichever schemes and loopholes Caesar may allow.”

  2. and also:

    “For yea, Caesar is likely as not to squander those things rendered unto him on donkey lanes and LGBT-friendly aqueducts.”

  3. As I see it, unless there is a clear agreement as to what I am to get in return for my taxes and precisely what my money is to be spent on, taxation is quite simply theft. Thou shalt not steal doesn’t apply to the government presumably.

  4. These include pledges on paying fair tax, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and prompt payments to suppliers.

    This all has the square root of fuck-all to do with the Sermon on the Mount or why Christ willingly ascended the Cross, but it is a pretty good summary of the ersatz religion of Churchianity as practised by modern day Pharisees.

    And yea, there was in that time much fannying about and flapping of gums, and the prophet Greta did say to the Gollumites “eat ye first the kingdom of bugs”…

    PS – hopefully people still realise the “render unto Caesar” line was a clever Jewish boy’s way of getting out of a rhetorical trap laid by devious people who wanted to use his own words to literally condemn him?

    It would be detarded to pretend the Son of Man was some sort of early libertarian, but even more mongtastic to pretend he was a yuge fan of the Roman State.

  5. ‘These include pledges on paying fair tax, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility, ethical sourcing and prompt payments to suppliers.’

    A declaration of Lefty orthodoxy. All Good Businesses are Lefties.

    Richer: “Do what I say.” He can afford to, now the he is out of business (mischievous smile as he sips his G&T on the stern).

  6. I can see taxation on the governments product I.e. Title as not being theft.

    But taxation upon my work? Pure theivery.

  7. Government has the right to tax to pay for its existence.

    That they abuse such authority doesn’t change that.

  8. Define “paying fair tax”

    I say “fair tax” is flat 20% income and 10% VAT and nothing else. Simple and Gov’t has ~30% of everyone’s money to provide military, plod, health etc

    I prefer Toby Young’s new venture to Julian Richer’s

    A new citizens’ campaign has been formed with the support of major organisations including the Institute of Economic Affairs, the TaxPayers’ Alliance and the Adam Smith Institute

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