Current Odds for the 2020 Presidential Election – Things to Know

Right now, the world is a very serious place that is seemingly dominated by politics. Now, you could argue that that has been the case for hundreds of years, but just recently, the political landscape has shifted. Brexit is close to being done and dusted. We had our own general election not too long ago, and now it’s the turn of our friends across the Atlantic. 2020 is the year of the presidential election, which is why today, we’re looking at the current odds for the 2020 presidential election, as well as a few other relevant facts that you might wish to know. If you’re thinking of betting on the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, here’s what you need to know.

Hold on, you can bet on politics?!

Yes, in fact you can bet on virtually anything these days from reality TV, to the weather. Betting on politics, particularly general elections, is nothing new. In fact, we’ve been doing it for quite some time on betting sites like If you know your politics and know what to look out for, you can actually win yourself some serious money. In the US, every 4 years the United States of America hold a general election to determine who will be the president for the next 4 years.

Things to know about the 2020 presidential election

AS mentioned, every 4 years in the US, an election is held where citizens of the US can cast their votes to determine whom they would like to preside over them for the next several years. 2020 is no different, yet this year, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Here are some things you need to know.

The Trump Administration – Since 2017, the Trump Administration has been in power, which is why many consider this election to be one of the most exciting, and important, elections in recent history.

More candidates – Another thing to consider about this presidential election is the fact that there are more candidates running for the Democrats than there have been in a number of decades. To make matters more historic, 2020 is the year where a record number of women will be running.

Who are the favourites? – Despite there being a record number of candidates with their names in the hat, realistically, there are only a few names who are in the running. Obviously the POTUS himself, Donald. J Trump is up there, but who are his closest rivals. Well, currently, Bernie Sanders is the 2nd favourite, after The Donald, though Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, and Pete Buttigieg are all snapping at his heels. Don’t count out the women, as although Hilary Clinton is now at 50/1 odds, you have to remember she came very close to being named president instead of Donald. Elizabeth Warren is also a contender as she was recently at 20/1.

What are the odds for the 2020 presidential election?

By the time you read this, the odds will likely have changed, but as of right now, betting odds look like this:

Donald Trump – 4/6

Bernie Sanders – 5/1

Michael Bloomberg – 8/1

Joe Biden – 15/1

Pete Buttigieg – 18/1 – 19/1

Elizabeth Warren – 59/1

27 thoughts on “Current Odds for the 2020 Presidential Election – Things to Know”

  1. Odds for Trump are prohibitive.

    Sanders, for example, 5 to 1 is unrealistic. It’s a hundred to one for any Dem.

    Even an October surprise that Trump has children with the Oprah won’t do it.

  2. Sanders won’t win. On the whole, they don’t do socialism over the pond. The question is, who will be the next Republican candidate after Trump’s 2nd term? If only Larry Elder wasn’t that old it would be so lovely to see WOKE commie heads explode.

    That is one black man with no chip on his shoulder, his youtube channel is worth following.

  3. Rowdy, the whole point of ( and proof in ) the way a U.S. election is “fought” is that the majority of voters are “a bit thick”.

  4. Doubt any of them will beat Trump, but who will get the Democratic nomination?
    Biden – going senile and losing support already. Corrupt, as proven by the impeachment.
    Warren – reminds people too much of Hillary and well off the pace. A known liar.
    Buttigieg – as an ex naval intelligence officer is thought to be a CIA plant. Being a gay boy won’t get the black vote.
    Sanders – would probably win if this was anything like a fair fight. Has already been screwed over in Iowa, and was shafted last time of course. He threatens the wealth of wealthy Democrats though, because he does actually believe the shite he peddles. ( didn’t stop him enriching his family though)
    Bloomberg – worth a punt to get the nomination imo. Rules relaxed to let him enter the race. Lots of money. White progs will feel comfortable voting for his version of nanny state fascist anti smoking nonsense.
    The best candidate is probably Tulsi Gabbard, ex veteran though possibly lesbian. She got swatted by Hillary calling her a Russian agent though, and made the mistake of rising to the bait with a lawsuit. Probably doesn’t have the funds to compete.
    Bloomberg 3/1 to get the nomination, but 5/1 a week ago.

  5. Being a gambling related post, we must always look at the stats and also bear in mind the adage that history always repeats itself.
    “Of the 14 vice presidents who fulfilled their ambition by achieving the presidency, eight succeeded to the office on the death of a president, and four of these were later elected president.”
    Joe Biden is the one to consider here. There have been 44 presidents, so in the absence of any other knowledge he should be around 1 in 11, or a 10 to 1 chance to win in November.
    Then we have the stat from that “Only one president since the Civil War has been re-elected with a recession”
    So if there is no recession, then Trump is a good shot to win, as there have been 6 iirc who have been re-elected.
    But there’s some evidence that unemployment amongst lowest skilled Americans is increasing, so what I’d like to know for further information is when a recession begins does unemployment rise first amongst high earners, lowest earners, or across the distribution fairly evenly.

  6. That IS the question, Jussi. Who could follow him?

    I like Cruz, but he needs to get his face out in the pop culture. I wouldn’t mind his going to the Supreme Court instead.

    Pence is too obscure. He could improve that if he gets out more next 4 years. He needs to be more visible second term. I have no idea where he stands politically.

    There are some Republican Congressmen who would be good. Most are pigs at the trough.

  7. Gamecock said:
    “I like Cruz, but he needs to get his face out in the pop culture.”

    Have you seen the pictures of him recently? He’s largely hidden his face behind a slightly sinister beard.

    Agree with you that he’d be good on the Supreme Court. Much as I like him, he’s a bit too wonky to fight a tough election.

  8. Nikki Haley will be the next President unless the Democrats russle up someone good in a hurry.

    A woman of colour, so totally immune to most of the virulent shit from the left.

    She has executive experience, international diplomatic experience and legislative experience. So the best qualified candidate in quite a while.

    There are few personal issues. She can’t be attacked by the Left about being a fake Christian, even though she probably is, and after Trump that won’t particularly be an issue for Republicans.

    Her relationship with Trump seems to be good, so she won’t be sniped at from him — whereas most of the other Republicans may well be. If he raises money for her, then her campaign will be loaded too.

  9. “I like Cruz, but he needs to get his face out in the pop culture.”

    His new podcast, “The Verdict” is the no.1 podcast in the US at the mo…

  10. I think for tactical reasons that the next Republican candidate for President ought to be a woman.
    It nukes a lot of the Democrats lines of attack straight from the off, especially if like Nikki Haley she comes from a minority background. I think Chester has the right idea on this one, as long as she has no skeletons in her closet and a strong constitution. Trump has shown the way. Don’t let the Dems shame you into doing what they want.
    Never give up, never surrender!

  11. “Nikki Haley … A woman of colour”

    I must be going blind – learn something new everyday. Like Woko Ono – wrt DNA – I had just assumed she was slightly more southern European than northern (to use a right pond way of thinking).

    Agree, she’d be a cracking choice, invariably impressed when I hear her speak.

    (“blind”, obviously, because I didn’t realise that the T-shirt was (apparently?) half Indian, or something?)

  12. I got £470 for betting on Trump winning the last time. I reckon he’s worth another £100 bet this time too.

  13. I wasn’t aware of any rumours that Tulsi Gabbard was a lesbian.

    I do however recall an early candidates debate where Senator Amy Klobuchar spent much of the time gazing across at Tulsi in a manner reminiscent of a hungry dog viewing a steak.

  14. Good pick, Chester.

    Nikki Haley is my state’s former governor. I would characterize her as sometimes good, sometimes not. Semi-squishy conservative. Assuming she receives proper conservative influence as president, she could indeed be excellent. Absolutely better than any of the “hate America first” Democrats.

    A brother who was a state employee hated her. I can’t think of a higher endorsement.

  15. Personally, I’ve long thought we should try four years without a president. I see some merit in Nikki Haley for 2024. It’s difficult to enter into Trump’s orbit and then leave untarnished but she’s done it. As for the Democrats not daring to attack a woman of color, don’t believe it. They are quite vicious towards minorities they deem to be off he rez.

    I wouldn’t dismiss Bloomberg. He’s going to spend an incredible amount of money. The record of extremely rich people buying office is not that good, but Bloomberg’s done it.

    The true unknown in this election is the black vote. There was quite a split between male and female black voters in 2016 with about 11% of black men and 4% of black women (averaging to 8%) voting for Trump. With more black men employed today than in years, will their wives be more inclined to vote with them? While no one expects the black vote to turn significantly Republican any time soon, Trump is seeking their support and may well get some more. How much black support can the Democrats lose before they are out of all hope? And why do blacks keep migrating out of the states where the Dems hold sway?

  16. “As for the Democrats not daring to attack a woman of color, don’t believe it. They are quite vicious towards minorities they deem to be off he rez.”

    Very true. “Racism” is a tool, not a belief.

  17. “… They are quite vicious towards minorities they deem to be off he rez.”
    True, but if you are willing to brazen it out then so what?
    In the past, most of the GOP has cucked and been steamrollered by the Dems.
    It has taken Trump and his alpha male, dont give a f*ck attitude to show the Republicans how to win.
    You can see how they are now showing a bit of backbone in response to the attacks from the left.
    Ignore the press, treat them with contempt;they are the enemies.
    Ridicule the left, make them the butt of the joke, don’t let them take the moral high ground. Let them humiliate and beclown themselves.
    The next two, maybe three elections are the Republicans to lose.

  18. A few loons might attack Haley on race, but that will win her votes. It will just make the attackers look mean and deranged.

  19. The whole issue of who is a minority worthy of protection should be examined further. If the point is to try to offset past racism, by what logic is an Asian Indian an oppressed minority in America (as opposed to England)? Most arrived within the past couple of generations and have generally thrived in the US. Yet Asian Indian is a disadvantaged minority but a more recently arrived Afghan or Egyptian is not. You could make the same argument about most Asians, especially the large majorities who forefathers were not here during the Old West but who’ve migrated here in the past couple of generations. Most Mexicans are also more recent arrivals. There were perhaps 2,000 Mexicans vs 25,000 Americans in Texas at the time of the Alamo. There are really only a handful who can trace their families’ history back into that era.

    There was an interesting story recently of someone who did a DNA test and to their surprise found that they were about an eighth Black/American Indian, so they applied for minority status for their construction firm. Their application was denied on the basis that they’d always identified as white and had never faced oppression or discrimination, but is having personally endured discrimination the test to be legally a disadvantaged minority? If so, would Obama have qualified? Certainly his daughters wouldn’t.

  20. PF said:
    “Nikki Haley … A woman of colour? I must be going blind”

    It’s confusing these days. Same with Prince Harry’s bird. And Elizabeth Warren.

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