Details and that Devil

UK to withdraw from European arrest warrant


And yet:

“The agreement should instead provide for fast-track extradition arrangements, based on the EU’s surrender agreement with Norway and Iceland which came into force in 2019, but with appropriate further safeguards for individuals beyond those in the European arrest warrant.”

As long as that includes the usual extradition rules, why not. Must be a crime here as well as a crime there, there must be sufficient evidence for there to be a case to answer.

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  1. Yes an excellent time consuming costly and stupid way of getting back to a position just a bit worse than we had already . who`d have guessed it. Similarly it will possible to go up HS2 skip lightly across the Northern powerhouse infra-structure linking shit hole to shit hole. Thence across the across the Boris Bridge through two lots of magic customs down to the Southern Irish coat and form there across to France where you may sell your widget.

    Thanks Brexit ,great fucking job

  2. The European Arrest Warrant was meant not to apply to “political” offences, but the shenanigans over the Catalan politicians has shown that to be false. So there must be a clear ruling that it only applies to crimes and not to differences of opinion

  3. And don’t forget the US arm twisted Brown? into giving them the same ‘no questions asked’ extradition.

  4. Have a look at Craig Murray’s running commentary on the Julian Assange extradition case and fear for the future.
    It would seem the law is whatever the judge chooses it be be, even if that requires contradicting the logic she used yesterday, in the same case.
    Especially regarding the applicability of ‘political’ offencs – seems they are now in scope of the UK extradition law, which supersedes all known extradition treaties. So she says.

  5. I agree about the treaty with the US – an appalling surrender of sovereign rights. As for Assange, release the bloody man. The Swedish rape charges were bogus and his near-penal servitude in the Ecuadorian Embassy was punishment enough for skipping bail. Stop wasting our money, and his life, on this shameful proceeding.

  6. As I understand it the US constitution effectively bans the US gvt from signing any extradition treaty which allows a foreign gvt to skip the step of demonstrating sufficiently strong evidence of an offence. So it’s not clear to me what the UK got out of it by conceding the same with respect to extraditions to the USA. I appreciate extradition agreements don’t have to be totally symmetric but it still feels a bit odd to me that there’s that big a gap. Are we just very keen to ship off potential criminals to be someone else’s problem (and expense)?

  7. @dearieme

    Assange – Agree

    When he was in Ecuadorian Embassy Gov’t should have withdrawn plod for “an emergency” and let Assange flee

    Strange Assange never thought to create such a diversion, or be visited by lots in burkas and slip out in one

  8. The Facepainter needs the poetic justice of an EAW arrest and ship off to some stinking EU shithole for unlimited time in a really shithole jail. Greece maybe–and have to pay for his own food and water.

    Because–thanks to all of us– the turd is no longer an EU citizen and the EAW POS no longer applies to him.

    But he needs to be deported to his tyrannical paradise asap anyway.

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