Diverse means something different

The remaining eight candidates in the field (minus former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who’s not on the ballot in South Carolina) will compete to win over the state’s diverse electorate: 60 percent of its Democratic voters are black, and 55 percent are women.

A solid ethnic block as a majority of the electorate is not a diverse electorate, it’s the opposite of it.

18 thoughts on “Diverse means something different”

  1. You need to update your newspeak dictionary. Diverse now means non white. For example, Muslim enclaves are 100% diverse.

  2. ‘Thus far, Joe Biden, the longtime favorite in the state’

    I see what they did there. SC is a red state. Trump is the favorite. Few care what the sillyass Democrats do.

  3. “You need to update your newspeak dictionary. Diverse now means non white”

    Diveristy = anti-white

    So when the BBC et al call for more diversity – it means less white people. Permanently if they get their way.

  4. It’s standard leftism, take a word and redefine it so that no one knows for certain what you are saying. The lefty definition of diverse means “women and minorities are the majority”.

  5. Watch out for;

    Relative diversity

    Sustainable diversity

    Green diversity

    An accounting standard for diversity

    Spud claiming he invented the concept of diversity.

  6. What Capt Potato says this second might change or not in the next few seconds

    “There are no pots of money

    There are budgets”

    Is this haiku a complete contradiction of his whole QE related blogiating?

  7. In Other Diversity News

    Turkey opens European border to hordes of Diverse “Syrian” refugees – and Covid-19
    Turkey has opened its border with Europe after Russian-backed Syrian forces launched a deadly air-strike killing 33 Turkish soldiers
    1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kBZmSgxsrc
    2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwVA5GFKBDQ

    “killing 33 Turkish soldiers” – where? Oh, in Idlib in Syria where they had no right to be

    Trump: US has ‘no reason to panic’ after first coronavirus fatality

    Spot on. Shame UK & USA media are encouraging panic

    The deranged left is ‘blaming Trump’ for coronavirus

  8. Over to Diverse Left

    Jacinda Ardern’s criticisms of Australian immigration policy are ‘based on nothing’

    Ardern is a virtue signalling leftist. The Southern Hemisphere version of Trudeau

    ‘You cannot be woke enough’ for the left : TL;DW

    LGBT activist Arielle Scarcella says the manipulation of LGBTQI terms, largely by the left, is done for “validation” and “moral superiority point-scoring”.

    Ms Scarcella, who has a YouTube following of more than 600,000 worldwide, was invited to speak at this year’s Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras but was de-platformed after being accused of transphobia on her channel.

    Ms Scarcella told Sky News she has “always gotten more hate from the super-progressive woke left” and they are “very manipulative with the language”.

    “You cannot be woke enough”.

    In a recent YouTube video, she embraced her “conservative label” and announced she was “officially leaving the left”

    “Every day the words people are using to define themselves are changing, we cannot keep up,” she said.

    “More women are coming out as queer and leaving the word lesbian behind”.

    “It is not ok to take away a word and a definition that has meant something for some people and still means something for a lot of people.”


    The left is definitely eating itself from the inside and she’s still a nutter

  9. In American English, ‘Diverse’ means ‘not white and not male’.

    Japan, for example, is ‘very diverse’, despite 98% of the country being one ethnicity, because there are very few whites in the country.

  10. I know at one point the UN were concerned enough to report on the high levels of xenophobia and misogyny in Japan.

    Didn’t stop “the spirit level” praising japan for it’s longevity which just HAD to be because of it’s relative income equality. Maybe it’s relative income equality was down to it’s relative racial homogeneity? Maybe it’s longevity was down to it’s diet? Maybe the Japanese were content with xenophobia and misogyny and so lived long happy lives.

    Not things considered in ‘the spirit level’.

  11. I heard that part of Japanese people’s alleged longevity was the practice of not declaring Granny dead and carrying on taking the pension..

  12. Maybe their longevity is also down to the fact that they don’t have to think about when to use apostrophes…

    More seriously, is there any evidence to suggest that a distinct character set (alphabet) helps cultural homogeneity? In that – with a completely alien alphabet – it may be more difficult for outsiders to operate successfully in a country unless they integrate more fully wrt the language?

  13. As I said 30 years ago when this s#|+ started, Japan is proof that “our strength is our diversity” is a lie.

    CM crap to get people to accept their dissolution.

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