Do you think the site is slow?

We haven’t received any complaints (yet) and it could be my internet connection at home but the site appears slow to me.

Your thoughts?

22 thoughts on “Do you think the site is slow?”

  1. Vote button and ‘View Results’ link don’t work properly (Firefox 72.0.2 on Xubuntu 18.04). For me, it varies – it’ll often be slow reloading after viewing a thread, and it’s usually slow on my phone (Firefox/Android)

  2. The adverts, yes.

    On mobile, the site loads, renders correctly, then spends about a minute loading adverts, reflowing itself, and being a white screen. Heaven help you if you try to scroll down whilst doing that. I urge you to test the site out on older phones with no adblocker: it’s absolutely unusable.

    If you can’t lose the adverts, the solution might be as simple as putting them in pre-sized boxes so the browser doesn’t have to recalculate the layout every time an advert finishes loading.

  3. It’s been unusable on mobile for years because of the ad-rescrolling thing. That and the humungous chunks of data the ads eat.

  4. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Fine here on my Kindle.

    Yesterday I used the laptop to send a small token of appreciation. The process was quick and easy.

  5. Richard,

    OT, ignore if you’ve looked into this before/decided it wasn’t worth your time, but have you/Tim considered verifying the site for Brave Rewards/Basic Attention Tokens?

    Dunno how much it would be worth to you; might help with the hosting costs, or just pay for something at Christmas. I’ve got nearly a hundred bucks worth of BAT sitting in my browser wallet though because not many of my regularly visited sites are verified.

  6. I don’t want to say “since whatever date” but it’s definitely speeded up in say the last week or two. The “page refresh” is now increasingly almost instantaneous. W7 & Firefox.

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