If economics has ceased to question the purpose of the firm

It’s answered it you fool. Ronald Coase and all that, you know, Nobel Prize worthy stuff.

7 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. yes but also this is question with a capital Q… lets enquire into the nature of these things called firms exist? but Richard means if these firms don’t do what i want them to do, should they even exist?

  2. Dearieme, do you have any reasoned grounds for dissing the work of Ronald Coase or are you just another pompous scientist of the Kelvin variety?

  3. Should we take this as settled, no longer a theory, or is it something we should revisit now and again to see if there’s any changes that should be incorporated even if the basis is still sound

  4. I’m not “dissing” Coase, you bloody fool. I’m pointing out that it’s a Counterfeit Nobel, concocted to assuage Economists’ Physics-envy.

  5. I wonder if Noel_Scoper (who seems to have been absent from the blog a little) or Andrew C , or indeed any of the other great commentators that make this still a must read, could provide a list of ‘initiatives’ advocated by the Great Tuber

    – C by C reporting
    – the Green New Deal
    – Sustainable Cost Accounting

    That are flagrant attempts to procure a job, preferably one funded by the taxpayer. What a pompous ass…

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