If people wish to do something then why shouldn’t they do so? This is the hurdle that any proposal to outlaw an activity must clear. What is the justification for snatching away an opportunity for people to make their own lives better, by their own lights?

That some such restrictions leap the barrier is obvious. The existence of murder shows that some do indeed wish to do it. We ban it as best we can, punish it if we’re able and generally try to discourage it. We don’t succeed, as some hundreds in the UK find out every year, but we do try.

That some don’t leap the barrier is equally obvious. History is replete with sumptuary laws in which what one may wear or eat is determined by government – on the grounds that the peons should not be allowed what is properly, righteously, something that only the elite may be able to do. The differentiation between those emitting carbon by flying for a holiday and those doing so to attend a climate demonstration (copyright Emma Thompson) is perhaps a modern incarnation.

12 thoughts on “Elsewhere”

  1. This is certainly one of the reasons I detest the Green program.

    Back when I first noticed the Green nonsense, the newspapers (yes it was that long ago) made a great fuss about how these environmental heroes were trekking off into the bush to live on witchetty grubs. I never heard any more of this, but the heroes didn’t seem to stay there long. However they certainly have no problems with making me live on them, and then executing me for the rape of Holy Mother Gaia.

    I simply have no wish to pay for their fancies.

  2. also if Emma flies business class or above she’s massively subsidising the folks’ in coach on their hols, some of whom would have not gone further afield if not for her largesse in covering a considerable chunk of the capital and expense cost of the flight. That’s assuming she paid for her upgrade of course – otherwise it’ll be t’other way round and and they’ll get upbraided by her for it in return.

  3. If people wish to do something then why shouldn’t they do so?

    Suppose my answer is ” No idea but people whose opinion I respect don`t like it and that good enough or me” That works
    Btw fucking hate that Brexit coin , but then……I hate all change ( bum tsk)

  4. Violet Elizabeth Newmania, if you don’t want those new 50p coins, I’m willing to take them off your hands. I”l even give you 20p in return to spend on whatever I tell you to spend it on.

  5. Facepainter–your precious EU masters and owners are going to need the services of the Earth’s entire stock of taxidermists just to TRY to stay where they are . Futile. They are downbound . It boils my piss that because you are here–a treasonous turd stinking up this great nation–you won’t be going with them.

    Time you sold up and fucked off to joiner your owners. There is nothing for you here except the well-earned contempt and hatred of all decent people.

  6. It’s about control, not green anything. If it were about green anything they would lay off flying. At 1.7% of global carbon emissions it’s a non-problem, blatantly good value for that in terms of promoting world understanding and unity and such, and is one of the things that will be quite difficult to do without fossil fuels.

    Green is puritans stopping hoi polloi from sinning, nothing more.

  7. 40% of flights to the Yukon locally so off for the weekend with hopefully the Northern Lights on display, I’d say sod off to the greenies but I was told about the deal by 2 vegan enviro-conscious colleagues who are also taking advantage of the deal to go and do the same thing.

  8. “Newmania- please stay around,…”

    because this was a quite good joke.

    “Btw fucking hate that Brexit coin , but then……I hate all change ( bum tsk)”

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