The only argument in favor is that large numbers of recent graduates will vote, entirely selfishly, for someone who promises to alleviate their debt. Or, as we could also put the same idea, Sanders wants to buy their votes with $1.6 trillion of our money. Again, this is a private benefit to Sanders at the public cost to the rest of us.

At least that does show us that Sanders is not some new and different sort of politician. After all, politics is the art of buying sufficient votes with other people’s money, isn’t it? It appears that he’s pretty good at that.

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  1. I can’t see this working at all. Most voters don’t have student debt, or even kids with student debt, and they’re going to pay for it. And the people who benefit most are already Democrat voters.

  2. These kids are about to learn a valuable lesson (for once). Words are cheap, deeds cost 1.6 trillion.
    And a politician will throw you under a bus for a short-term advantage.

  3. So far, Sanders is good at buying the votes of those that don’t matter.

    The Dems are in the same boat as Labour: their activist base has moved way further left than the wider electorate. Sanders can appeal to his base (and drive his Dem competitors to do the same) but at the cost making the party unelectable. See Jeremy Corbyn.

    But let’s pray that Chirona virus doesn’t tank the economy.

  4. Dennis, Big Game Hunter-Gatherer

    Sanders’ appeal is limited, and will grow more limited with time. He released his plan to finance all his giveaways and there is something in it for everyone of us to hate and/or laugh at… Including an amount in the trillions that will appear like magic because Bernie has saved the planet from global warming. Beyond that, many of Sanders’ surrogates (AOC, etc.) will be out there campaigning for him, getting lots of airplay, and driving independents to either Trump or the sidelines. Trump very much wants to face Sanders. He knows just how badly he can beat him.

    An aside: This week Sanders’ defended Fidel Castro’s regime on national TV. Yesterday he was given the opportunity by the press to walk back his comments. Instead, he doubled down. In practical terms that means Florida is no longer in play in the general election. It’s Trump’s.

    The Cuban communities of Florida are large, wealthy, politically powerful and rabidly anti-Castro. Florida Democratic politicians with a death wish will endorse or campaign for Bernie, but nobody else will. A few years ago the Miami Marlins manager got his ass fired – despite being successful and having a World Series championship on his resume – because he went on a Miami radio station and gave Castro a backhanded compliment.

  5. Dennis, Defender of the Barnyard

    Another thing to watch: The coming war between Sanders and Bloomberg. It is clear that Bloomberg is going to shift his media campaign from attacking Trump to attacking Sanders. Expect to set Sanders supporters starting to act out in ways that will less his appeal to moderates/ independents. This is going to get very ugly.

  6. @Dennis

    Bernie Sanders backs Castro & Cuba in Texas

    The extreme policy differences between Trump, Bernie

    Finally someone points out the difference between social democracy and the state socialism of Sanders et al

    btw If Soros is buying every prosecutor he can reach, I wonder how many of them were among the 800 or so who signed the letter saying they would prosecute Trump?

    Comedy “Mini Mike” Bloomberg replaces Biden as most gaffe-prone candidate in latest debate

    Things you never want said about you….”He made Joe look good”

    Schiff challenger thanks him for impeachment in new campaign ad

    Ad: youtube.com/watch?v=agGguALbHzw

  7. @Dennis

    Gutfeld on Bernie’s Cuban gaffe

    Amusing: Dr. Frankenstein, meet your monster
    “Sanders won Nevada; to watch MSM reaction, you’d have thought Donald Trump had just won re-election”

    “The important thing is to defeat Trump” hmm, I thought that governing a country was the most important thing…..yup, big tell there, it’s all about control and staying in power for the democrats

    President Trump was right when he said to us: “They aren’t after me, they’re after you. I’m just in their way.”

    ‘The Five’ reacts to media, Hillary Clinton’s Russia hysteria

    Hillary claims the Russians picked our last president? She’s the only one with verifiable ties to Russia (eg Uranium One). She should be in an orange suit, she’s the one that colluded with Russia

    Gowdy: Stop briefing people who continue to leak
    “It’s not illegal for Congress (Schiff) to lie to public, but it is illegal for you to lie to Congress”

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