Had to hoover the hallway, sorry

Women’s Equality party candidate pulls out of London mayoral race

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  1. “Black, a leading computer scientist’

    Cos Guardian says so.

    Could they just say woman drops out of race due to female problems? A whole column on it? Is this what ‘equality’ looks like?

  2. From the Grudlian column:

    ‘Black, who is a professor of computer science at Durham University, is a longterm campaigner for women’s rights and first came to London to escape an abusive relationship. By the age of 25 she was a single mum with three small children and was living in a women’s refuge.’

    So, incredibly-poor judgement, even from a very early age? I suspected the poor judgement from the hair colour, and this just cements my opinion.



  3. Dennis, Gender Solid

    Women’s Equality party candidate pulls out of London mayoral race

    Mandu Reid will replace Sue Black, who was forced to withdraw after vaginal mesh implant complications

    One of the more glorious headlines ever constructed.

  4. @ llamas
    Add fourth child aged 42 or 43 (wiki doesn’t give her or the child’s birthday, nor report a second marriage).
    She now wants to ban the product that she, an allegedly intelligent woman, chose to cure her incontinence.

  5. Black, a leading computer scientist

    Never heard of her. Oh, some Uni professor. There are literally tens of thousands of them in the world. So fucking what.

  6. After a trans-vaginal tape implant in 2005, following the birth of her [single mother] fourth child…
    ….The [mesh] products were “aggressively hustled” by manufacturers into widespread use from the late 1990s, according to an investigation by the British Medical Journal

    Aggressively hustled by Tony “New is Good” Blair then


    She seems to have an obsession with nipples ; )

  7. Oh, I get it now. I read an online bio.

    Left home and school at 16.

    She’s self-evidently very academically-capable – she got a maths degree, from my own alma-mater, as it so happens, so she’s not book-stupid. Just doesn’t have either the native wit or the support system – or both – to avoid making a string of poor life choices, starting at age 16.

    The fact that she’s managed to bootstrap herself out of that situation is, naturally, to her credit. Full marks. But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s demonstrated a past tendency to make very poor decisions – the hair colour being the least of them. FWIW, I suspect that she did rather-well academically in spite of her challenging circumstances (again, full marks, full kudos, hat’s off) but then rapidly figured out that her progress in academia would be accelerated if she could find a way to be ‘edgy’, and transgressive, and intersectional and identitarian, and all the rest of it. And here she is.

    Reminds me of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, who has also managed to leverage a pretty-pedestrian qualification into a full career as a TV personality, pundit and icon by creating a persona that attracts.

    Good at maths? Sure. Tech-savvy? Without a doubt. Good candidate for significant executive office? Not hardly. That’s a person that you want making good choices 9 times out of 10. She bats a lot lower than that.

    Oh, and one more thing. Women’s Equality Party? I’d take that just a mite more seriously if they could point out a single way in public or private life in the UK which women are not ‘equal’. So the party is redundant. Why is she involved with a party with nothing to do? Oh, I get it (after a bit of research) – what she actually wants is ‘equality’ – by force. Just another totalitarian, then.



  8. Tech-savvy?

    Understanding if-then-else is more important. Understanding how things work doesn’t mean you can create things that work.

  9. I support equality for women. We need to defeat bullies, sexists, homophobes and racists.
    We need social justice freedom and human rights.

  10. “social justice freedom”

    I don’t think that means what you think it means.

    I know. I know. “Don’t feed the troll.”

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