When Ladysmith Black Mambazo came on stage, Mandela, seated in the Royal Box, rose to his feet and started swaying and clapping. The Duke of Edinburgh joined in followed by the Queen who, as a newspaper report the next day put it with considerable understatement, “has seldom been known to boogie in public”.

And this is lovely:

“Singing cleanses the soul,” he said. “It is my prayer and my comfort. There is nothing else.”

There’s many a musician who would take that to be buried to.

4 thoughts on “Heh”

  1. The Queen is a very quick thinker and judged the situation correctly. Mandela dancing and she not dancing, that would have been blatant racism and colonialism. She had to come down to his “child ofthe nature” level.

  2. I attended one of their tour performances in Canada, many years ago. I was captivated by the rhythm and the vocal sounds in a language I could not understand. THEN they sang one of their songs in english. it consisted of a repetitive phrase along the lines of “girl come kiss me. I want to lay with you”. I no longer saw any beauty in their music.

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