San Francisco declares state of emergency over coronavirus

An emergency over something that isn’t happening:

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) declared a state of emergency for the city on Tuesday amid concerns over the international coronavirus outbreak.

While no coronavirus cases have been confirmed in San Francisco, “the global picture is changing rapidly, and we need to step-up preparedness,” Breed said in a statement.

And tens of thousands shitting in the streets is something they don’t declare an emergency over.

Ho hum, the art of government being to find the alarums that allow you to spend the crap out of everything then, eh?

24 thoughts on “Hmm, right”

  1. You can spread the virus both by defecation and micturition. No doubt on needles too. Do you suppose they plan to round up the poor wretches and stick them in concentration camps? Neither do I. Keep them away from public transport? Nope. Do anything useful until it’s too late? ‘course not.

    I suppose there will be a new extortion racket – give me money or I’ll spit/sneeze/cough on you!

    Mind you, it may already be too late. After all the reason that almost nobody has got the disease in the USA is that almost nobody’s been tested. And huge numbers will feel they can’t afford to get tested on their own dime.

  2. Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Will be interesting to see what boondoggles they can get approved in the name of fighting the virus.

  3. San Francisco Mayor London Breed

    Remember when Americans had normal names, such as Stringfellow Hawke, or Chad Burgertime III?

  4. Read the blog of John Rappoport –it isn’t even clear there is any such thing as a Corovirus. Chicom scum are now doing only chest Xrays and if you have pneumo you are classed as having Coro–ie NO virus testing. And that isn’t so straightforward.

  5. It is just a variant of the Common Cold, with most people having mild symptoms or asymptomatic. So what is the panic? Cui bono? Ah, yes all the ‘officials’, bureaucrats who need to justify their continued existence. Then there are the pharmas eager to sell vaccines.

  6. John B

    A fatality rate of 2-3% is a bit more than the Common Cold, tbf. And pneumonia for another 10% isn’t anybody’s idea of fun

  7. It is just a variant of the Common Cold, with most people having mild symptoms or asymptomatic

    vastly higher death rate even than flu (order of magnitude higher) and widespread infection will kill health services stone dead, completely overwhelm them. If this spreads here with anything like the same intensity as in China we are in for some fun times ahead.

  8. Hiram J Pipesucker

    Anyway, the Wuhan plague? Serious business unless it mutates to a milder form PDQ. Highly infectious; lethal to the ill and old.

    It will, however, be the saviour of Defined Benefit pension schemes. It will also pour grandparental bequests on the snowflakes who will immediately become conservatives keen to stop a socialist state stealing their money.

  9. The CDC was asking for the government to put up $2 billion to deal with the virus, looks like he’s just trying to get his nose into the trough as soon as possible.
    If there’s money being thrown around by the Feds there will be no shortage of states and cities after their cut

  10. Rhinoviruses such as the Common Cold *are* coronaviruses, they are viruses that cause respiritory illnesses. However, not all coronaviruses are created equal, if you’ve never encountered something similar to it you will have no immunity (unless a random freak), and it can make existing problems worse. You *can* die from the Common Cold – if your immune system or general health is so knackered that you can’t fight it off, or the Cold weakens you just past the point where whatever else you’ve got gets you.

  11. A fatality rate 2-3 % caused by what tho?

    China has as many as 300 thou pneumo deaths every year anyway. And Wuhan has had 2 years of some of the vilest pollution ever seen on Earth. Last year mass riots about same. All locked down now by “epidemic” measures.

  12. @Steve

    The number of septics with weird ‘English’ names never ceases to amaze me


    Do you have a source for that 2-3% mortality rate? Last figures I saw put mortality rate in China at 0.5% and much lower in West

  13. If it’s anything like the flu virus it’ll be temperature sensitive. It dies on much warmer than a spring day. Why they’re usually winter illnesses. This is going to be disappearing as spring works its way up Europe

  14. BiS It’ll be interesting to see if anyone else gets it on Tenerife from that Italian guy. I can imagine though that there might be other cases brought in from Europe. I hope to be flying into TFS in a fortnight & then ferry to another island. Fingers crossed.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    Interesting point bis. I was listening to someone talking about the Spanish flu and one thing you and they haven’t factored in is air conditioning. Not only does it help spread viruses* but provides a cooler environment longer.

    The worst colds I’ve ever had was when I was in Cyprus and my job took me in and out of air conditioned environments.

    * Bow to dearieme and BiG on this one

  16. @jgh: “Rhinoviruses such as the Common Cold *are* coronaviruses”. I think you’re wrong. WKPD:

    The most commonly implicated virus is a rhinovirus (30–80%) … Other commonly implicated viruses include human coronavirus (≈ 15%), influenza viruses (10–15%), adenoviruses (5%), human respiratory syncytial virus (orthopneumovirus), enteroviruses other than rhinoviruses, human parainfluenza viruses, and human metapneumovirus. …

  17. @BiND: “Bow to dearieme … on this one”

    Please don’t: not my field.

    If I were to do mathematical modelling of epidemics, unlike the professionals in that field I’d restrict myself to using good data. Until about now they’ve had only (presumably) bad data from China. Consequently my inferences of how serious things are have perhaps been better than their “science”. Once they have some good data I’ll stop.

    And if my inferences turn out to have been wrong I’ll admit it: how unprofessional is that?

  18. Do you have a source for that 2-3% mortality rate? Last figures I saw put mortality rate in China at 0.5% and much lower in West

    Early figures from China were in that 2% ballpark, but there was massive under-reporting of infections – many people will just have assumed they had a cold/flu and got better after a few days. Now we can test anyone who’s suspect and get a result back in a few hours, so a much higher proportion of cases are being identified. The most recent numbers I’ve seen are ~0.4% fatality. And of that figure a significant proportion are people who are quite likely to have died within a year or two anyway (like the 80 year old Italian with an already compromised immune system).

  19. I can’t help thinking of legionnaires disease and how it took hold because of air conditioning systems. So, confine a hundred people in air conditioned hotels or cruise liners… Is this vivisection in action, or just eugenics?

  20. I find it quaint that news reports must include the “(D)” after the name of the San Francisco mayor. Isn’t it implied?

  21. @BiND

    Air-con was my first thought on all those “in isolation” on cruise ship – more like living in incubation chambers



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