Horrors, I mean horrors

Live Pound hits 2020 low after UK and EU offer clashing statements on trade – live updates

A new low in a 35 day run of prices.

Horrors, eh?

7 thoughts on “Horrors, I mean horrors”

  1. Cue the eminent Professor Chicken Little of Ely confirming the sky has started to fall in on us.

    And by the looks of him recently, he could do with a good chlorine wash.

  2. @Pcar

    My hope is that in 15 years time, after another 15 years of apocalyptic predictions not coming true, we will have come to our senses.

  3. For the past four years the markets have done a pretty good job of discounting politicians, doom mongers, CBI, EU bluster, etc.
    Take any four year price history and compare. By blind date you couldn’t spot the volatility and uncertainty we supposedly suffer.

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