Orange juice could be saved by dogs who have been trained to sniff out a devastating disease in fruit trees. The blight known as huanglongbing – or citrus greening – has already caused an 80 per cent drop in citrus fruit production in Florida and if not curtailed, it is predicted to destroy the entire industry.

Why do I suspect that Sir Pterry is alive and well and working in a disease naming lab somewhere?

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  1. When I first travelled in the US a million years ago, the availability of freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast in burger joints was one of the high points of American cuisine. It would be a sad loss if it vanished.

  2. OT but any of you computer savvy lads out there know what Youtube keep telling me my IE browser won’t be supported by them much longer actually means? They say “change browsers for best service” but I’m sick of computercrap and don’t want any more complication( enough aggro with Windows 7)–will I still be able to use IE to download off Youtube?


  3. It’s good that they can train dogs to help with control.

    But this disease has been in Florida for 15 years. A lot of journalistic flourish has been added to the article for click bait.

  4. @Ecks : install either Chrome or Firefox. Or even the new chromium based Edge from M$.

    The difference between them is mostly window dressing, although FF (still) does allow you some more control over your privacy and tends to have a better selection in blocking/privacy plugins..
    If it’s for youtube/streaming and stuff like this blog, there is no difference , as all of them are based off the same engine, and all of them should work fine.

  5. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Ecksie, the problem may be that Microsoft is withdrawing support for all versions of Windows prior to Windows 10.

    YT are probably doing the same.

    I am guessing you have Windows 7 8. If you go to the Microsoft website, you can download a free free upgrade to 10. The process takes a while but is usually painless.

    IE is automatically replaced by Edge, which looks and feels the same.

    Back up your bookmarks. They may be imported, but no promises..

  6. Upgrading to Win 10 is still free, but Win 10 itself may not upgrade on an older computer. I’ve got 2 machines that won’t handle the 1903 upgrade, and that means they are out of the upgrade cycle.

  7. @Mr Ecks

    Which IE add-on do you use to download YT videos?

    Also, in IT announcements like this; Support means no help/support if you have a problem, not “won’t work”

  8. Huanglongbing – sounds Chinese origin

    From fruit eating bats or bat eating fruit?

    What happens when the dogs catch & spread it?

  9. Pcar: Citrus greening disease (Chinese: 黃龍病; pinyin: huánglóngbìng; literally: ‘yellow dragon disease’;

  10. Thanks for all the advice. I think I will need some proffessional computer help –I don’t even know what a “bookmark” is.

    Thanks again.

  11. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Ecks, for many a year the chief function of Internet Explorer was to download a browser that had not been expressed from Satan’s anal glands, after which it was never used again. And if all your computer can run is Windows 7, it needs to go to the glue factory.

  12. @Mr Ecks

    Many browsers eg Brave, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Tor Browser….

    Go here: download some, try then use whichever you like best and delete others

    Ignore BiCR fear-mongering

    Little experiment I did: Piratebay proxy sites

    Chrome: all time out or other errors
    Firefox: most connect and work
    PC DNS: googledns & opendns

    Q for All: is it Chrome or DNS?

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