I’m not sure I understand this

“I spoke last night with the first minister and tendered my resignation with immediate effect. Serving in government has been a huge privilege and I am sorry to have let colleagues and supporters down.”

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Sturgeon said Mackay’s membership of the SNP had also been suspended.

Mackay, who has two sons, had been due to deliver the Scottish government’s draft budget for 2020-21 at Holyrood on Thursday. It will instead be presented by Mackay’s deputy, Kate Forbes.

The Sun reported that Mackay, who disclosed he was gay after his marriage ended in 2013, befriended the teenager on Facebook and Instagram and sent him unsolicited messages.

The paper said the teenager’s mother was furious. “I worry about what would have happened if my son had sent him back a message he wanted to hear,” she said.

Sturgeon said: “Derek has taken full responsibility for his actions and apologises unreservedly for them to the individual involved and to those he has let down. He has submitted his resignation as a government minister, which I have accepted. Derek has made a significant contribution to government. However, he recognises that his behaviour has failed to meet the standards required.”

16 is the age of consent. The bloke wasn’t a teacher or summat in a direct position of power over the kid. Why shouldn’t they get jiggy?

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  1. 16 is the age of consent. The bloke wasn’t a teacher or summat in a direct position of power over the kid. Why shouldn’t they get jiggy?

    ‘cos it’s creepy.

  2. Of course politics makes my skin crawl.

    More seriously, the entire point of liberality is chacun a son gout. Consenting adults, now to do with the rest of us, is it?

  3. I thought the age of consent for gay relationships was 16 if the other was under 18, but 18 if the other was older than that. Did I imagine that? Unsure.

  4. Aren’t these the same people who argue that 16 year olds should have the vote?

    So old enough and sufficiently mature to have a say in political decisions which may impact the lives of millions of people. Not mature enough to decide whether to be buggered by a 40+ year old…

    Hmm. Inconsistent methinks.

    (yes, it’s creepy – i also think 16 year olds shouldn’t be able to vote)

  5. This is a case of an adult man propositioning a teenager whom one may be allowed to assume is not homosexual and not receptive to unsolicited approaches from adults of either sex. Repugnant on every count, therefore, and one would need to be perverse not to recognise it.

    What dearie me said yesterday à propos ethics and morality applies perfectly.

  6. “‘cos it’s creepy.”

    Well yes, but one would hope that on this side of the political divide we could come up with a slightly more logic based argument. At what age would it not be creepy? Would it still be creepy if the lad in question desperately wanted to be fucked by a 42 year old man? That they were in love and wanted to get married? Is the age difference a problem just for teenagers, but a 30 year is fair game for a 60 year old? Stephen Fry is married to someone 30 years his junior, that seems to be socially acceptable, so why not a 26 year age gap?

    Either we have laws that apply to everyone or we don’t. If 16 year olds being shagged up the arse is creepy then make it illegal, for everyone. If its legal then any one should be able to do it, within the other legal constraints of not being in a position of power etc. Its typical of the Left to make a new law then selectively impose it on people depending on their victim hood status. I thought we on the Right were a bit better than that.

  7. Because we don’t want 40something men slobbering over young boys (or girls). We especially don’t want government ministers sticking their devolved assembly in some callow youth’s ultra vires.

    Decades of stunning and brave LGBTQIAWTF+ propaganda hasn’t erased the basic biological ick factor when it comes to this sort of thing. There’s also a reason why the jaded old tyrant slobbering after some sweet virginal wench (who needs to be rescued by the virile young hero) is a staple of storytelling baddies.

    I dunno why anybody is surprised though. Derek Mackay bravely and stunningly abandoned his wife and children (one of whom is about the same age as the lad he was grooming via text) to chase after strange cock. If it was a straight man who left his family because he was bored of the wife’s vag, I suspect people might’ve been less celebratory of his preferred method of orgasm and more wary of his character.

  8. TMB
    How will he know if the recipient is receptive or not unless he makes an advance?
    If he’s of legal age ( i can’t remember the age of consent for shirt lifting) then what’s the problem?
    Yes it might be a bit socially off, but it isn’t illegal, therefore he should not lose his job.

  9. Jim – Stephen Fry is married

    Yeah, no. As the superinjuncted revelations about the bedtime conga lines arranged by everyone’s favourite Rocketman should’ve clued us into, “marriage” is one of them words that Led and Rolf warned us has two meanings.

    It’s probably not marriage as Margo and Jerry would’ve understood the term.

  10. Chernyy_Drakon
    February 6, 2020 at 1:05 pm
    Aren’t these the same people who argue that 16 year olds should have the vote?
    Yes, apparently mature and experienced enough to vote, but if anyone of 16 (or several years older) volunteered for ISIS then they are clearly naive, easily led and shouldn’t be punished in any way..
    Hope that’s clear

  11. As with men trying to chat up women, it’s only creepy when it’s unrequited. If the boy had announced that he was gay and happily engaged to MSP Derek Mackay, age 42½, we’d have shuffled uncomfortably but ultimately accepted the boy’s decision.

    Back in 2013, olympic diver Tom Daley was 18 when he started dating his male partner, who was more than twice his age. I don’t recall any objections at the time.

  12. Since this is the internet and therefore totally unfounded speculation is not only allowed, but positively encouraged, perhaps this particular incident is one of several such and possibly it is the mildest example, so perhaps the minister was given the option; ‘Cop for this and resign or…’).

    As I say, totally cynical speculation. As if a politician could be so base.

  13. I put a classical perspective on it. If it was good enough for Horace, Vergil, Martial and Juvenal, then what’s so bad about it? I think it was Juvenal who said that anal sex with boys was better than vaginal sex with women. Either the boy is mature enough to make up his mind or the age of consent should be raised

  14. How will he know if the recipient is receptive or not unless he makes an advance?

    Some 270 text messages were allegedly exchanged. That’s not making an advance, that’s bordering on harassment.

  15. “It’s probably not marriage as Margo and Jerry would’ve understood the term.”

    Be that as it may, we have laws on gay marriage, and ages of consent. Marriage is marriage regardless of the sex of the participants and 16 year olds are legally mature enough to decide if they want a cock up their arse or not. And as icky as we might find the idea of a 16 yo boy being propositioned by a 42 year old man, those are the laws. So I see no reason for the guy to resign. If people don’t like what he’s done they can vote him out, or indeed consider if perhaps the laws they’ve voted for are indeed such a good idea.

    These are precisely the sort of cases the Right should be ‘supporting’ as a good thing, because they bring the law (which we may dislike) into disrepute. Supporting throwing people like this guy to the dogs is just giving the Left what they want on a plate – the ability to apply the ‘rules’ according to their whim, not the actual behaviour, which of course means their sort get a pass and everyone else gets thrown to the wolves.

  16. Diogenes – Counterpoint – Derek was warned:

    I saw you this morning
    I thought that you might like to know
    I received your message in full a few days ago
    I understood every word that is said
    And now that I’ve actually heard it
    You’re going to regret

    And I’m not the kind that likes to tell you
    Just what you want me to
    You’re not the kind that needs to tell me
    About the birds and the bees

  17. Given Alex Salmond’s court appearance is coming up fast in the outside lane, a second ongoing sex scandal is about as welcome as a cup of cold haggis. While Mackay’s indiscretions may not be illegal, in these puritanical days of ours it’s a real no-no. As these things tend to come in threes let’s keep our fingers crossed for an Ian Blackford exposé.

  18. I think there’s a lot of people here mixing up what those who would rule us believe is OK and what the actual people on the receiving end believe is OK. Basically, folk will go along with the shit because they’re largely unable to do anything else. Until it hits them personally. And maybe those that would rule need to take note from Brexit. What plays well in Islington & Hampstead doesn’t play so well with the rest of the country. They’re told to be tolerant of homosexuality, so they’re tolerant. And the word is tolerant. They don’t f****g celebrate it. If it doesn’t come bother them, they don’t go bother it. Yeah, maybe this wouldn’t have caused such a stir down south. But, for all their faults, the Jocksters are still fairly normal.

  19. Bernie G. This isn’t a “woke” matter. The new puritanism of the “woke’s” reaction would have been to pillory the mother for homophobia.

  20. I’m sick of the SNP cvnts, really, and their lying faux-moral, agit-prop, sloganeering campaigning.

    So legal or illegal, moral or immoral or amoral, this cvnt is a kiddy fiddler batty-man as far as I’m concerned totally unfit for office and anyone who says so gets my applause.

    Gloves off for the SNP.

  21. Everyone convinced the young lad didn’t reply to the messages and wasn’t a willing participant? A young confused teen on a road to find his sexuality – albeit a twisted and sick variety?

    But conveniently now his phone isn’t going to be looked into, is it?

  22. How much publicity is this case getting compared with the reactions to the grossly illegal activities of the gang rapists? The latter activities seem infinitely more worthy of concern than the this case

  23. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    Evidently homosexuality is more acceptable at a distance, even with The Woke.

  24. Would it have been creepy if he contacted a girl?

    His feet wouldn’t touch the ground. Look at what happened to Prince Andrew.

    As it is, he still has a degree of gay privilege, so there’s an excellent chance the SNP will quietly unsuspend him once the press moves on – assuming there’s no more suspiciously youthful skeletons about to emerge from his closet.

  25. Both of them have every right to do what they want as consenting adults. Similarly,the general public have every right to invoke the ick factor if that’s what they feel, and Mackay’s bosses have every right to sack him if they think his habits are inconsistent with political success

  26. Yeah didn’t Alan Clarke marry a 16 year old at 30 odd? Perhaps if had done the decent thing and proposed marriage would it have been ok by the parents and Nicola.

  27. According to the reports I have seen he was pursuing this lad and continued to do so after being told the attention was unwanted, so at the least it is harassment

    We should also remember that he used to be married, came out as gay and currently has a male partner

    So he cheated on his wife (or at least concealed a very significant fact), and has cheated on his current partner

    What did Krankie know?

  28. And Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 yo cousin, took his bride to UK in the 50’s while touring – all all hell broke loose.

  29. starfish has it. It’s the harassment aspect, if that’s what was going on. If the lad was up for it then yes, consenting adults, whatever you might think about his behaviour vis-a-vis his ex-wife and current partner.

  30. The lad was not up for it, by all accounts. He told Mackay he wasn’t gay, that he was 16, and that he was still in school, yet the middle aged Scottish Finance Minister continued to bombard him with hundreds of pathetic wheedling texts.

    It’s not too much to ask that our elected reps try not to fuck schoolchildren.

  31. I’ve tried to find a straight line between the dots of the many excellent comments here.

    The only thing I can come up with it is that gay chaps sometimes make life difficult for the wider society. Well, I suppose from time to time we all do. ….


    On the other hand, maybe it’s the wider society that makes the gay chaps gay. Search me.

    Pity this gay chap’s boys. Children, I mean. Or young men. I mean, what about just not trying to screw people the age of your still developing off-spring?

    Ultimately, live and let live fine. But none of this kind of thing leads anywhere good.

  32. Bravefart has the practical essence of the situation: if it hurts Wee Krankie and her gang of treasonous Marxists -it’s good.

  33. 200-300 text messages from a gay perv and this young hetero lad didn’t think of blocking the number or inform his uncle just after two uncomfortable messages?

    I smell a rat.

  34. If you are going to violate the 7 + X/2 age rule then it probably helps to be a) a billionaire, and b) hererosexual. So that wasn’t going to go down very well with the electorate.
    Especially since 1) 16 is considered too young for life changing decisions like e.g. getting a tattoo and 2) A senior government minister probably does count as an authority figure.

  35. Incidentally, the BBC website headline this morning when I got up was ‘Minister resigns over texts to boy (or maybe 16 yo)’, something to that effect. Never mentioned Scotland, or SNP in the headline at all. All done 100% on purpose to give people who just skimmed the headline the impression it was a Government minister at fault, ie a Tory. Lying fuckers.

  36. 16 is the age of consent, but that’s irrelevant in SJW Woke world:

    – 16 year old joins ISIS – she’s a naive kid
    – 17 year old Girl raped in Cyprus by 18 & 19 year old Men
    – 22 year old youth jailed for assaulting Farage
    – Harry & Meghan, mid 30s, are young and…

    Yet SNP say 16 year olds should have the vote

    @Jim, bis


    What SNP should have done is call a by-election and allow voters to decide if they support Derek Mackay

  37. What has the fact that it’s legal got to do with it? It’s legal for Derek Mackay to get plastered every day of the year. It’s legal for him to poo on his wife and share the videos with fellow scat enthusiasts. It’s legal for him to wear adult diapers. He can do anything like this perfectly legally, yet all of these would see him out on his ear, because most people would not want to be ruled by anyone who does such things.

  38. Bloke in North Dorset

    NDReader beat me to the age difference formula. That’s the creepy bit.

    If a government minister, in any government, doesn’t get why sending so many texts to a 16-year-old he hasn’t met is going to come across as creepy and make them unworthy of holding such high office they should be fired, not allowed to resign.

    They can pass all the laws they like, that won’t make wider society accept the moral position in the same way that banning something will never stop it happening.

    These are the sort of twats who make laws on minimum pricing for alcohol, sugar taxes, bleat about obesity etc. If they’re going to lecture me on my lifestyle I have no qualms about judging them on theirs., legal or not.

  39. Don’t be ruled.

    Not buying the harassment angle. No women involved. You can’t have harassment without a woman.

    If I understand the feminazis correctly.

  40. Because he’s *FORTY-TWO* and the kid is 16?

    If I had a 19 year old I wouldn’t consider it appropriate for 40 year olds to be trying to shag them.

  41. “Jim
    February 6, 2020 at 1:11 pm
    At what age would it not be creepy?”

    Half your age plus seven years. That’s the lower bound past which it becomes creepy.

  42. “If its legal then any one should be able to do it”

    Mackay’s not being arrested, is he? I thought he was just fired. There’s a difference. Yes, its legal and they should be able to do it. That doesn’t mean that other people need to associate with him. He’s not getting banged up but it shows a type of judgement that his party is apparently not on board with and they don’t want him around any more. And choosing to not associate with people you don’t like is also legal and any one should be able to do it.

  43. @Hector, BiND et al

    I agree. Problem is he remains an MSP on full pay & perks. Ranting doesn’t change that

    SNP should have forced a by-election and allow voters to decide if they still support SNP’s Derek Mackay; as Cons did in Wales

    Who knows, maybe 16 year olds will vote en masse for Mackay. After all, septics keep re-electing Creepy “Uncle” Joe Biden

  44. Bloke in North Dorset


    His poi’s it ion as an MSP should be up to his constituents. Do they have the power of Recall?

  45. Bloke in North Dorset

    This is quite good

    “ 3./ But maybe Derek Mackay has inadvertently opened a little window into the shared culture of some top level Scottish politicians. Maybe we should ask how seriously do they really take the risks to 16 year olds and other children from some of their key policies?

    4./ The Scottish govt is currently consulting on the Gender Recognition Bill, perhaps the most carelessly researched piece of legislation proposed anywhere in the UK in decades. It aims to sweep away clear definitions of biological sex (male and female, remember them?).“

    6./ And here’s where things get sticky for the Scottish govt. The most important Yes or No question it asks in its consultation is about whether the age at which someone can gain a Gender Certificate should be reduced from 18 to 16. Yep, the age of that schoolboy.

    7./ We’ve now been reminded by Mackay just how vulnerable 16 year olds can be and how dodgy it is for adults to mess with their 16 year old brains. But now the Scottish state is proposing to offer troubled 16 year olds not a ticket to a rugby game but a whole new identity.

    8./ The govt says its GR Bill is informed by the idea “people know their own minds best”. But do 16 year old school kids really know their minds well enough to change their legal sex? Surely one of the things that made Mackay’s behaviour inexcusable is he was using status..“

    Much more like that.


  46. The SNP, or any other party, *CAN’T* force a by-election. The only person that can trigger a by-election is the elected member.

  47. “Half your age plus seven years. That’s the lower bound past which it becomes creepy.”

    Well I know several couples who don’t meet that criteria (both a 50/60 something man with a 30 something wife) who both have children together and seem to be very happily coupled up, with no one in their circle of family or friends acting as if this is ‘creepy’ in any way at all.

  48. I thought (re 2003) that anyone arguing against this sort of thing was a homophobia?

    Anyway, I continue to be amazed by the total lack of self control of politicians. Maybe this is why they want the State to control everything, because they just cannot control themselves.

  49. Jim

    “Well I know several couples who don’t meet that criteria (both a 50/60 something man with a 30 something wife) ”

    You need to check your maths: half 25+7=32. Half 60+7=37. So your examples follow the criteria.

    As Hector said, it doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or not, lots of things are that are generally disappoved of, it’s whether it is politically toxic. And it is.

  50. “You need to check your maths”

    No I don’t. My friend was 54 when he got together with his then 28 year old GF. The other chap I know was late 50s and his GF was in her early 30s when they first met. Neither of them fit the ‘rule’. Between them they now have 3 kids. I also know of a couple who have been married for nearly 30 years, when I first knew them she was 19 and he was 28. And they’d been a couple prior to me knowing them too.

    Whether a relationship is right or not comes down to the individual people involved, not some daft rule about ages.

  51. A thought:

    Phillip Schofield outing himself an “in waiting” story released to bury Left Wing politician’s homosexual ‘rent boy’ activities?

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