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At least one or two of them might understand this:

Imogen West-Knights (Journal, 6 February) informs us that it is, by definition, impossible to level up the needy without redistribution of wealth or opportunity from the wealthiest. Back when Adam Smith became a professor in 1751, GDP per capita in the UK was some $1,800 a year (by Angus Maddison’s inflation-adjusted numbers). Today it is around $39,000. Reality is telling us that the economy is not a zero-sum game.
Tim Worstall
Senior fellow, Adam Smith Institute

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  1. It does amaze that about 2 seconds of thinking can show the idea that it is, by definition, impossible to level up the needy without redistribution of wealth or opportunity from the wealthiest. is utter bollocks. Is the only reason I have central heating, a secure food supply, plumbing, fast and convenient transport etc when Caveman Ugg my great great great (etc) grandpappy didnt because the government took some money from the rich and gave it to me?!

  2. I can translate: “It is necessary to steal from the rich to give to the poor.”

    ‘Conservative politicians can sidestep the thorny issue of gaping economic inequalities.’

    A phony problem.

    ‘left behind’

    ‘levelling the playing field’

    A jargon rich essay complaining about jargon.

  3. At least till the next election let’s give Boris’s government the benefit of the doubt. Blair/Brown’s answer to inequality was to shift a couple of government departments to the ‘left behind’ regions and to bung the underclass more benefit money – keep ’em walled up on their council estates. I’d like to believe this new levelling-up initiative has less to do with benefits than in transforming communities and providing real opportunities. He may well disappoint (is almost certain to disappoint). But as Eric Idle used to sing…

    It’s the nature of government to take as much as they can from us … at the very least we should endeavour to spend it on our own.

  4. At least till the next election let’s give Boris’s government the benefit of the doubt.

    No. Electing them is giving them the benefit of the doubt. Being governed by them is having doubt clarified.

  5. Doesn’t taking from Peter to give to Paul level Peter down? This is of course consistent with Leftie logic, equality can only be achieved through inequality.

    And when Paul has spent the money taken from Peter and is not levelled up, more is taken from Peter, who by this time has realised the futility of increased industry to replace the money taken from him, until both are level and equal = poverty.

  6. Bernie

    Until the next election, no way. Maybe the next twelve months – see what the exit looks like, and start to see what the likely reality is of all the current rhetoric?

    My inclination is to be an optimist. But if Boris does turn out to be shit, then plenty of time will be needed to arrange a genuine fight back / revolt. Nigel managed it in little time, but that’s not comparable as May was simply begging him for it. Boris will be a tougher nut to bring down.

  7. PJF and PF +1

    Brexit was necessary, but unlikely to be sufficient. We didn’t win our freedom from the EU so the British establishment could continue attacking us with even more green crap, punitive taxation, and open borders.

    Btw, Boris will be tougher, but his support is soft.

  8. Steve/PF et al

    I am hoping there’s some intelligence at work that is attempting to lull ‘the blob’ into a false sense of security and then they will unleash Ecksian reprisals against the Non-Productive Public sector, and all the other hotbeds of XR/ Green/ Corbinite thinking, but I am extremely sceptical this is the case. I think the country as we knew it is sadly finished and the likes of Newmania, DBCReed and Arnald will soon be in the ascendancy…..

  9. VP – me too, though I also fear that’s as realistic as Jonathan Pryce’s dream sequence at the end of Brazil.

    We already know where Newmaniacalism leads to though, and it’s not luxury gay space managerialism – it’s the erosion of social order and escalating political and economic crises as the State bleeds out legitimacy – like wot’s happening in France.

  10. I’m looking forward to 2024, when Tory Central Office will have dreamt up a new and improved scary Labour party to make everyone forget how betrayed by the Tories they feel and we can look forward to Mr Ecks making up with Theo.

  11. Boris is looking like he is literally copying Trump, move for move. The deficit and debt being Trump’s biggest failure, so it will be Boris’. If other Trump successes follow for Boris, much will be forgiven. If not……

  12. Boris is looking like he is literally copying Trump


    * Banning cars
    * Censoring the internet of legal speech
    * Banning gas boilers
    * Massively increasing unskilled and low-skilled immigration
    * Tax rises
    * Eco-cuntery 2000
    * Promoting his ostensible enemies from the Ancien Regime to the upper chamber
    * Flapping his gums about how trade policy should never have anything to do with foreign policy (Try that one on the EU, China and the Yanks – they enjoy a good laugh)
    * Leaving his balls in his missus’ purse

    Sorry, I’m not seeing the Trump. I’m surprised BoJo’s eyes aren’t golden, he’s so full of piss.

  13. And, just think, Steve, BoJo is also negotiating your surrender to the EU.

    Domestic crap can be reversed fairly easy with new elections; a horrible treaty will be way more difficult.

  14. Boris and the most of the Tories are like the perpetually stupid RINO wing of the US Republican party, plus with lashings and lashings of extra “wog” lib/leftie twatishness sprinkled all over.

    Nothing like Trump. Trump is unique. The bastard establishment is on the run over there. Here, they’re breathing a sigh of relief and settling in for more of the same.

  15. The other RK has a relevant stanza:

    In the Carboniferous Epoch we were promised abundance for all,
    By robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul;
    But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “If you don’t work you die.”

  16. Ah yes, Orange

    The Dutch ‘invented’ Orange carrots in honour of William of Orange

    Re: Sally Cheseldine below you

    Taxpayers’ Money at work

    New Forth Bridge update:

    SNP admit
    – snow/ice on cables/bridge was not considered at design phase
    – bridge may have to close every time it snows or sleets (35 mile detour)
    – “monitoring equipment” installed after lasts years ice falls is…

    … A pair of binoculars

    SNP wanted a shiny new bridge all could see, ignored all evidence that a tunnel would be:
    – cheaper & quicker to construct and maintain, not prone to weather closures and safer

    If anyone’s wondering “Why not divert to older 1 mile away Forth Road Bridge rather than 17 miles away Forth Road Bridge”

    The Forth Road Bridge was subsequently closed for repairs and refurbishment. It reopened in February 2018, now redesignated as a dedicated Public Transport Corridor

    Logic says ‘suspend this’ – SNP hates cars, vans and lorries

  17. @Bernie G

    BoJo first actions:
    – appointing stood down/lost seat cronies and has beens to Lords
    – approve Huwei 5G China Spy network
    – approve white elephant HS2 to obey EU
    – more green crap, Gove today “car ban may be 2032”
    – hammer the rich budget

    “It’s the nature of Socialist government to take as much as they can from us” – fixed

    He had his chance, he kicked us in the teeth

    @Steve February 12, 2020 at 4:26 pm

    Spot on

  18. Pcar – Gove today “car ban may be 2032”

    Please Allah, may it be so.

    Today I’ve been so pissed off I’ve been thinking about emigrating (got a standing job offer in the US of States).

    But I don’t want to leave my home, I want Britain to be Alright Again and my children to have more opportunities than I did.

    We should want the car ban, and the other envirotardation, to happen sooner rather than later. The less time the Government has for battlespace preparation for our new status as eco-serfs, the harder and faster the Canning Town style fightback will be.

  19. Tempting, Steve. Only problem is there’s no replacement for Trump. Once he’s gone the US will be back on the ratchet to ratshit.

  20. Assuming RTP area, it is pretty decent. Coastal area around Wilmington is nice, too.

    PJF, I know it is possible. Reagan seemed so good that the Republicans would rule forever. “Forever” was one term of Bush Senior.

    Perhaps it’s time to start a push for American statehood. Or sell Scotland to Trump for a dollar.

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