It is just me then

I was reading The Observer and thinking, hmm, haven’t I seen this before?

Not an unusual experience for that paper as the whines are ever the same.

Have they, though, forgotten to add this week’s content to the site?

Ah, no, it’s Saturday. Gonna be one of them days, eh?

14 thoughts on “It is just me then”

  1. Odd coincidence. I spent the entirety of yesterday, myself, convinced it was Saturday. I suppose it’s, like yourself, not being tied to a Monday to Friday job. The only day feels much different is Sunday because the Spanish shops are largely closed. & the church outside the window goes into enthusiastic bonging. For me it’s a perpetual weekend. All Friday nights. Weekdays, thankfully happen to other people.

  2. Friends suffered a water mains failure yesterday, before midnight Berlin time. Typical bloody EU, eh?

    This morning the sun was bright and their water supply restored. Good old Brexit!

  3. You want to try working in the tax business, Tim

    Between bank holiday on 1st Jan and 31st Jan I had two days off. Had no idea what day it was for most of the month.

    Now sat here on Saturday and wondering why I’m not at work and what I do with the free time.

  4. Time to calm down, and I apologise for my behaviour and language yesterday, go carried away, sorry. It did feel like Saturday yesterday, I “work” from home and Fridays and Saturdays are my beer days. Sundays are usually hard, living alone, they can become very depressing. On Mondays I usually feel better. I used to walk a lot and often around North Downs, and haven’t really been able to like the walks up here north, everything is so vast and lots of litter. But tomorrow I will go for a long walk so I can essentially skip the boring Sunday.

  5. Essentially, this website is my therapist and one of the few places where I am not being abused as an EU citizen, a rightwinger and ultra-Zionist (LOL!). My eyes are getting a bit misty to think that you pathetic lot are almost my friends!

  6. bloke in Germany, not New Jersey

    I think I can beat y’all for disorientation, having just finished my third transatlantic trip of the year.

    Not only do I have no idea what day it is I don’t know what time it is.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I once set off to Dallas for a project and then was asked by a client to go to HK for a presentation to their telecoms regulator and flew via LA. I got so confused with the dateline and time zones that I couldn’t tell couldn’t tell my wife what day I was landing, only what time. I had to check the booking to figure the date.

  8. @Andrew C

    tax business, Between 1st Jan and 31st Jan Had no idea what day it was for most of the month.

    Now sat sitting here on Saturday and wondering why I’m not at work and what I do with the free time.

    I had same every Christmas in parents’ Country House hotel, work like crazy until ~0030 25 Dec, then shut 25 & 26. 27 Dec block booking families arrive for hunting, shooting & fishing new year holiday.

    @Jussi February 1, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    I’m glad you found us, your posts are welcome and often insightful

    Fingers crossed weather good for you tomorrow and the sky still hasn’t fallen down despite Brexit

  9. Jussi said:
    “haven’t really been able to like the walks up here north”

    If it’s the north of England, then do persevere – there is glorious walking country, and it’s pretty much where the concept of walking for pleasure was invented.

  10. Big up Jussi.
    If you’re in the north-east bit of the North, check out some of the walks here

    If walking was the NHS the council would be accused of selling off its walking services, but they’ve gotten slightly better imv over the years that there has been a charge for them.

    Fair point about the litter in these parts though. Who would have guessed 2 years ago that a word like ‘plogging’ could enter the English language. There’s no plogging group where I am though.

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