It really is in the genes

People who persistently lie, steal and bully have smaller brains, a major study suggests. Scientists said young children who kept being naughty should be targeted with far more help, and parenting classes, to save them from a life of crime.

Researchers said that going “off the rails” as a teenager was fairly normal.

But they said far more attention should be paid to toddlers and young children who were persistently badly behaved, and could be at risk of a life of antisocial behaviour, because of the way their brains were formed.

Don’t think we’re talking about stunting here, this is design, nature not nurture.

As ever we’re going to have that grand old sight. The left will tell us that we must do summat, be cause the left always does. It’s also the left that insists that evolution is right – in which they are of course correct for perhaps their only moment, And the left’s solution will determinedly ignore the implications of evolution being right. That, you know, some peeps are just made that way.

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  1. In my experience it is far too much attention that is paid to the naughty children and it detracts from and damages every other child’s experience in the classroom. Create a class just for naughty kids, separate them from everyone else and let them disrupt each other. The remaining 90% of children will get far better outcomes because of it.

  2. 1 out of every 80 of the two-legged turds which infest this planet is born a psychopath. Can’t be altered or changed.

    The left have already shown the only reason they want access to your kids is to fuck them up literally as well as metaphorically,

    They might talk about curbing criminal tendencies to fool the omnipresent mugs but the only tendency they want to curb are anti-socialist ones.

    Fuck their plans to meddle. Long past time we started meddling with them.

  3. ooh… i agree with X! The phenomenon of the black sheep. Don’t do what they’re told- that’s naughty kids, but not necessarily bad, and when they grow up it can be positively beneficial. Entrepreneurs are disproportionally drawn from the naughty category. Kids that do harm to others- that’s evil and, well, help them but protect other kids from harm (including disrupting their education) is the priority. As x says the mission will be switched instantaneously to cover don’t do what their told as laid down by a political faction/view point.

  4. Mal has this right.
    There was a US study a few years ago – found that a child trying to learn while having a very disruptive child in their class for 10 years or so had reduced later life earnings. The amount of the earnings reduction times the number of children being disrupted was greater than the annual cost of jailing the naughty one.

  5. “Persistent lying, stealing and bullying are linked to having a smaller brain, researchers find.”

    Some people would think University College London are getting perilously close to Sabisky-style eugenics?

  6. Note how they go from “a major study suggests” to a call for action. Perhaps we should get a little more certainty than “suggests” before we create a new bureaucracy?

  7. ‘ … young children who kept being naughty should be targeted…’

    In my school days they certainly were targeted… usually with a cane. It may not have cured but it did keep them in their place and they did not disrupt things.

    The correlation thing again. Are any children with ‘normal’ size brains just as had; any with smaller brains goodie-goodies? If so the hypothesis is bust – which I expect is the case.

  8. Borderline Personality Disorder generally isn’t officially diagnosed until 16 because lots of teens will manifest some symptoms.
    In many cases there will be a long history of being a naughty/disruptive child. Part of the issue is the inability in the modern caring school system to deal with these kids, they really do fall under the give them an inch and they’ll take a mile and if they are also clever will game the system to their advantage. My 16 year old reduced her year 1 teacher to tears (she was fairly newly qualified) and generally drove all her teachers up the wall.

  9. Phrenology 2.0

    Seriously, as a biologist…

    If every single metric (15+) we can think of has a 15-20% variance, the engineers amongst the readership here can calculate the compounded error. There is no way you can make definitive, or even sweeping statements about the brain that are scientifically feasible or defendable.
    Hell, unless its fully specialised and fully documented, it’s impossible to predict the behaviour of a single neuron. They adapt, and even then they throw up some surprises… They’re “worse than wimmin”.

    BiG is more specialised, and made more of a career of it than me, but I , for one, would circular-file this “article”. I really wonder what ” Peer Review ” is like nowadays, because I damn well would not have gotten away with crap like this , even as a “speculative paper” we used to unwind @ Uni.

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