It’s wondrous how much is wrong with this headline

Can art fight fake news? ‘Gasland’ filmmaker Josh Fox aims to find out.

10 thoughts on “It’s wondrous how much is wrong with this headline”

  1. ‘the common thread here, Fox says in the play, is that powerful corporations are stealing our data and spreading lies for their own benefit’

    You decadent, ingrateful POS. They are keeping you alive. You attack those who keep you alive.

  2. Pretty funny how the Hive immediately 180’d from “Twitter and Facebook are spreading liberal values and there’s nothing you can do about it, bigots xD” when Obama was in office, to “Twitter and Facebook are Literally Hitler and we need speech controls NOW!!!1! xO” as soon as Trump won.

    If they had any self-awareness they’d die of embarrassment.

  3. The idea of Josh Fox trying to confront fake news is too much for my head to take in. Wasn’t “Gasland” basically a pack of lies from start to finish?

  4. Yes, the gas coming from domestic taps was happening a few decades before fracking started but was undoubtedly caused by the latter.
    To be fair he is only following the novel approach to logic developed by the likes of Michael “hockey stick” Mann and Al “nice seafront house” Gore where a CO2 rise causes the heat which preceded it.

  5. Also, Josh is promoted by Yoko Ono, the infallible guide to crap. If Yoko likes it, you can be sure that it’s really really bad

  6. @flubber
    Gatland was a decent coach, not a fan of his style, but certainly effective if his record is anything to go by

  7. ‘Gasland’ vies with Gore’s ‘Iinconvenient Truth’ for top place in Fake News movie docus; Michael Moore’s works a strong third

    Do today’s journos watch ‘Drop The Dead Donkey’ as “How To” training with Damian their role model?

    @Steve, JS +1

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